Friends Friday Blissemas with KD Grace!

Welcome to the ninth day of Blissemas which today is a bit different because it’s Friends Friday too!


KD Grace
talks about the beauty of winter and Ice Skates over on her blog so you need to go over there to read, comment and then you could win the lovely Blissemas Kindle AND a copy of The Initiation of Ms Holly or The Pet shop! So what are you waiting for, go on, go over to KD’s Place for a treat!

To Keep with the wintery theme here’s a chilly excerpt from Snowed in at School!

“Come on, quickly, before we catch our death of cold,” I gasped and trotted down the stairs to the hall.

“Bloody hell, it’s freezing,” Gary gasped, but soon I pushed at the door into my classroom.

“Now, mind your head, the door is a little low, but we should be warm in here,” I said as I walked towards the playhouse in the corner.

Inside, I set about moving the pillows and beanbags into one corner and directed Gary to put the heater in the opposite one. We fed the wire out of the little wooden window and into the plug socket on the wall just beside it. “Wonderful idea Miss Conrad,” Gary said as we settled down on the cushions in the corner and draped the patchwork quilt over us.

“It’s just a good job I turned it into Santa’s log cabin; it was a theatre last month and didn’t have half the home comforts we’ve got now.”

We sat in silence for a while. The glow of the heater gently illuminated the interior. The scent of wood and the pine branches I’d taken off a tree in my garden added a sharp twang of Christmas through the little windows in the cabin. “I guess,” I said, “if we pretended hard enough this could be a Swiss Chalet.”

“Yes,” he continued, “and the heater could be a log fire, crackling and throwing out sparks and heat.”

“The snow is falling outside, where pine trees are covered with it and there are towering snowy mountains in the background.” I closed my eyes and felt as if I was there.

“There’s not a soul around, just us, the world around is silent. Everyone is snuggled up at home, waiting for Father Christmas to come.”

“Perfect,” I sighed.

“Yes, it is,” Gary agreed. I felt his hand close around mine and my eyes fluttered open. “I’m glad I’m here with you.” “Me too,” I replied. My heart rate picked up and I licked my lips. There was a tension in the air and I became increasingly aware of my half-naked body and how it was only an inch or so away from his.

“I want to kiss you again,” he whispered, his gaze pierced through to my very core. My cheeks were so hot I swore they were on fire and I am sure my heartbeat could be heard echoing in the streets for miles around.

“Please do,” I replied and leant forward just a little way. The gap between us closed. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. I felt dizzy and faint but as his lips caressed mine a perfect ecstasy engulfed me and all the stomach-churning emotions flipped from negative to positive and all I wanted was more of his mouth on mine.

Snowed in at school is available in ebook and Audiobook now for you to snuggle up with on these cold winter nights!

Now go over and comment on KD Grace’s blog, it’s her day and you could win a Kindle for it!