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Welcome Bebe Balocca to Friends Friday today, woo hoo!


Hi Victoria, and thank you so much for inviting me for a visit.

My second release from Total-E-Bound, “A Ghost on Two Wheels,” was inspired by one of my favorite romantic activities: going on motorcycle rides with my husband.

Like Ivy in “Ghost”, I ride up, which means that I don’t drive my own bike, I’m a passenger who rides behind the driver. Maybe one of these days I’ll want to learn how to ride my own, but for now I really love the backseat. My husband, who’s been riding motorcycles since he was a teenager, is very conscientious about road safety and about keeping the bike properly maintained. Riding up is easy. My only job is to hold on, enjoy the scenery, and lean at the right times.

We’re counting the days until the weather warms up and we can take our next trip together. I live close to the Appalachian Mountains and they are full of gorgeous, twisty routes. We stay at out-of-the-way B&Bs and spend as little time as possible on major roads. One thing we do look for is a private hot tub in our room, because a nice hot soak is heavenly after several hours on the back of a bike.

A ghost on Two Wheels by Bebe Balocca

“A Ghost on Two Wheels” is Ivy and Michael’s love story. They share a fascination with motorcycles, tattoos, and each other. Their story is marred by tragedy, but their devotion to each other, even after death, makes it a beautiful thing. Here’s the story blurb:

An accident tore us apart, but I can’t live without Michael. I’ll find a way to love him, even if it’s the death of me…

Ivy and Michael, her tattoo artist boyfriend, share a timeless, passionate love. Both work from home, so their breaks are spent together, making love and going for erotically-charged motorcycle rides through the countryside. They plan to make their bond official with name tattoos over each other’s hearts, but fate and a reckless driver bring their world to a crashing halt.

At first, Ivy is devastated by grief, but she finds that she can make contact with Michael once more. She can touch him in his phantom form and feel his ghostly caresses. Across the veil of death, their lovemaking is different, but every bit as heated. Their after-death journey is mysterious, romantic, and undeniably erotic. Ivy and Michael learn that sexual pleasure remains after life ends, and that death doesn’t stand in the way of true love.

And here’s an excerpt:

Barney looks up from the grass and hisses at the back door. The fur on his back stands up like a brush and he darts through the grass to the safety of the old barn. Startled, I look through the door, but see nothing.

I stop swinging and feel dread tickle down my spine like an ice cube on my skin. “Is someone there?” I whisper.

I squint into the bright afternoon glare. It’s almost like I can make out an outline in the light… A tall form, moving over the lawn towards me. It moves in front of the swing, just a couple of feet from me, and stops. My breath catches in my throat.

The form—just a slight dimness in the shape of a body, really—eases onto the swing beside me. The swing starts to move.

I feel panic start to bubble inside me and rise to my throat. I want to scream, but who will hear me? The swing glides gently, to and fro, and I remain frozen, my pulse racing. Around me, the yard is idyllic and peaceful. A monarch butterfly alights on a spiky purple thistle and a bluebird warbles up in the tulip poplar. I lean towards the shape beside me. It shimmers darkly in the bright light, like a shadow moving beneath the surface of sparkling water. Long seconds pass, and my curiosity overcomes my fear. I reach out and touch its head with my fingertips. It feels cool and just—barely—resistant, as though I were dipping my fingers into a bowl of frothy whipped cream.

The swing stops moving. The form leans back from my touch suddenly and then stands abruptly from the seat. It moves towards me slowly, as though it were trying to see me, and then hurries into the house.

Barney comes barrelling out of the barn and leaps onto the swing beside me, purring like a motorboat. I stroke his powerful back, enjoying his warm solidity after the weird, otherworldly coolness of my previous swing companion. Realisation dawns on me, slowly but surely. For the first time since the accident, I feel hope.

I believe that dim form was Michael’s ghost. I think that he was barely able to see and feel me, just as I was barely able to see and touch him. The little spark of hope fans quickly, fed by my desperation and longing, into a blaze of optimism. Maybe he’s not gone forever! Maybe I can reach him, somehow, wherever he is now.

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Again, thank you so much, Victoria. I hope that everyone here has a day filled with romance and wonderful surprises.