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Hi all, welcome to another Friends Friday and please welcome Ashlynn Monroe who is going to tell us all about how much she loves to write. Please give her a warm welcome! Over to you Ashlynn.

I love everything about being a writer. I know it sounds cheesy but so far, I’ve only had wonderful experiences. I’ve been really lucky because I’ve met such wonderful fellow authors and I’ve learned so much about myself and my craft since being published. I’m not the kind of author whom complains about edits. Every time I get edits from a new editor, I’ve learned something. I can’t think of any other type of occupation where getting emails feels like opening Christmas presents. Getting a new cover to display or receiving the news of a brand new contract is such a joy. There just isn’t a good way to describe the feeling of a dream coming true.

My family has been really supportive of me and I’m blessed. My daughter is nine years old and special needs. When I asked her what she wanted this year for her birthday, she told me all she wanted was a unicorn book. Needless to say, she received a story and many other gifts. I just love her so much! My hubby has been in my life since high school, we married at twenty. I’ve always written for my own enjoyment, but this year was the first time the many hours of penning my stories turned into something bigger. He’s very proud of me. Our son is five and last spring for mother’s day the preschool teacher had the kids tell her about their mom’s for a project. When asked what I like to do he told her I like to type on the computer and hug him. How cute is that? I really am blessed.

One of my happiest moments this year was when Silver Publishing published my novella, Wish. I started working on this story in 2002. My grandfather had passed away and I wanted to write a story with a grandfather that reminded me of him. I’ve written and rewritten this story over the years and this year I rewrote it a final time and submitted it to Silver. They accepted the submission and I admit I cried the day it official went on line for sale. Any story that is born from pain has meaning to the writer and this one is extra special to me. I wrote it to distract me from my loss and writing it gave me hours of pleasure and escape.


When Lily inherited an old antique oil lamp she received more than she could have imagined, her own hunkalicious genie who is ready to grant her anything…anything that she could want, including his body. Wanting to end his suffering, she makes a mistake that will lead her down a magical journey of pain and redemption.

I Have Three October releases that I’m very excited about. I wrote a fun werewolf romance titled Wild Hearts it released from Wild Horse Press on October 5th and my first steam punk romance Fallen Angels came out on October 6th. Evernight Publishing publishes fallen Angels, and steam punk is fantastic fun. I’m very pleased with both of these stories. On October 30th Silver Publishing releases Just One Night. This is my Halloween offering and it was a blast to write. Here are the blurbs.

Wild Hearts:

Bethany and her small son, Russell, live on a working ranch. They begin to have wolf problems when suddenly a man, named Tristan Wolfe, appears needing work. Bethany thinks it’s an odd coincidence, but werewolves don’t exist. Letting Tristan work on her ranch, she soon starts falling for him. But what will happen when she discovers the secret he’s kept from her?


Fallen Angels:

In a history very different from our own, the Civil War rages on in Texas. Zeppelins fill the air, steam power vehicles battle horses for space on the roads and bodies lay strewn through the wreckage of the Sisters of the Merciful Truth Convent, innocent victims of a local turf war. Three sisters, raised in the convent, emerge from the horror to find their lives of family and devotion over, and their separate lives of crime about to begin.

In lawless times, where faith and love battle doubt and hate, Justice now sees the world from behind the barrel of a gun. She falls in with a handsome and mysterious miscreant as she attempts to carve a place in the ruined world and search for her lost sisters. But when her life of crime catches up to her, Justice will learn the meaning of true love, and family ties.


Just One Night:

Wynn Goode made a big mistake when he took two of his witch wife’s coven sisters to his bed and expected his wife to join in the fun. Cursed for two hundred years to a life as a tomcat he is only human for one day a year and the only way for him to break the curse is to make a woman truly love him. Mika is a Native American girl who has left her life on the reservation to move to Chicago and act on the stage. When a very strange cat adopts her, she begins to have some very erotic dreams. Will Wynn be able to save her from her jealous ex and make her love him before All Hallows Eve?

When I come up with a new idea and it slowly begins to take shape as I pound away at the keyboard it’s magical. Hours pass unnoticed, as my mind is lost in the actions of my characters. I don’t really “write” stories. Instead, I transcribe my imagination. The best feeling in the world is when someone else enjoys what I’ve imagined. Only a writer can take others into their daydreams and show them around. When I finish a story, I sit back and think about how much I hope someone else enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If at least one other person enjoys my writing today then I’ve done something important with my life. Joy is a rare thing and my writing gives me joy. If I can pass that joy to another person then I’m a success. I might not be making enough money with my “hobby” to quit my day job, but I’m enormously successful each time someone finds a few hours of escape in one of my stories.

If you haven’t read my work, I hope you’ll try it. I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit.

Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She’s been writing since she was a teenager for her own pleasure but in her thirties, she decided it was time to share her stories. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related while maintaining a career as a full time customer service professional. When she is not lovingly raising her young family, she is dreaming up her next tale of romance. She’d love to hear from you at authorashlynnmonroe @ gmail . com (no spaces) Visit her website at or for her YA books go to
Ashlynn’s current list of available work and coming soon books and short stories:

Hidden Magic-June 2010-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
The Mirage High series-August/September 2010 YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press
Dark Miracle-August 2010-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Blood and Bondage-September 2010-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Wild Hearts-October 5, 2010-Wild Horse Press-Paranormal Romance
Christmas in Redemption-December 2010-Wild Horse press-Paranormal Romance
My Soul to Keep-March, 2011-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
Kiss Me, Kill Me, Bite Me-July 2011-Wild Horse Press-Dark Paranormal Romance
Reality Stinks-2011-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romantic comedy
The Mirage High Series 2010-Wild Horse Press-YA paranormal romance anthology of short stories.

Chemical Lust-July 2010-Cobblestone Press-Science Fiction Erotic

Passion’s Escape-July 2010-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Lost Heart’s-July 2010-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Wish-August 2010-Silver Publishing-Urban Fantasy Erotic
Just One Night-October 30, 2010-Silver Publishing-Paranormal Romance
Mistletoe and Vampires-December 4, 2010-Silver publishing-Paranormal Romance

Love Factory-August 2010-Wicked Nights-Science Fiction Erotic
In the Machine-September 24, 2010-Wicked Nights-Science Fiction Erotic
Dark Man-Fall 2010-Wicked Nights-Paranormal Romance

Blood Kin-Fall 2010-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
The Templar Vampire Series-coming soon-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance

Fallen Angels-October 2010-Evernight Publishing-Steam Punk Romance
Protector Mine-November 2010-Evernight Publishing-Paranormal Romance

Dream Mists-Fall 2010-Willow Moon Publishing-Paranormal Romance

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