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Dominance and Deception


It’s a shame, but most kinky people are hiding in the closet – at least, when it comes to casual acquaintances and colleagues. Try walking into your office and explaining that last night you knelt at your boyfriend’s command, let him drag you around by the hair and spank you until you were sobbing and unspeakably turned on, then submitted to a gloriously rough bout of sex.

The average colleague would be scandalised by this, and you might even find yourself discriminated against as a result. Depressing, huh?

Now imagine you work for the police force, and the colleague you’re secretly in love with has just found out that you’ve dated the same – very submissive – woman. And is now in an interrogation room as a murder suspect, capable of spilling your secrets to the cops watching behind the one-way mirror. Uh-oh…

Luckily for Detective Zach Pierce, the crisis is averted, and his forensic scientist, Faye Tate, isn’t the type to kiss and tell. Kiss… but not tell. ;) The two of them embark upon a steamy D/s relationship that they keep a secret at first, and when they do tell their colleagues, only one of them knows the true nature of that relationship – because he’s been invited into their bed.

Dominance and Deception has a little of everything – crime, D/s, menage, switching… and a few other little bits and pieces that I won’t spoil.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel, to give you a little look into Zach’s and Faye’s lives…

“Try to get free.”

Obediently, Faye writhed on the bed, tugging at the handcuffs that restrained her wrists and the silk scarves I’d used to tie her ankles to the bedposts.

“Can’t, Sir,” she said, half smiling, half apprehensive, as if she was unsure whether the response would lead to reward or punishment. Hell, with Faye, the punishment usually was the reward.

I didn’t keep her in suspense. “Good.”

When I brought the riding crop up into her line of sight, her eyes widened and she bit her lip, a shiver of anticipation thrilling through her body. I paused for a second, giving her time to back out if she needed to, making no attempt to hide the way my eyes swept over every part of her.

“Are you ready?”

She swallowed hard, her eyes on the crop. Shaking a tendril of damp hair from her cheek before answering, she nodded, her words just barely whispered.

“Yes, Sir.”

The way she submitted, unquestioning, to my authority made me want to throw aside the crop right then. I needed to be inside her, needed to hear her beg for release, needed to lose control completely. But not yet. The scene had yet to be played out.

Faye looked from the crop to my face, and from the slight upward quirk of her eyebrow I could tell she’d caught on to my train of thought.

“Or we could just…” she said softly, shifting seductively against the mattress.

Snapped back into my role, I stared her out until she stilled and broke eye contact. A flicker of amusement remained in her voice as she conceded, “I’m sorry, Sir. I was outta line.”

“You’re damn right,” I said, and without warning cracked the crop down onto her breast, just below the nipple.

She yelled with combined pleasure and pain, attempting to suppress the grin on her face.

I paused to let the blow register, knowing she was hardly even trying to be properly submissive. Most of the time, she let it wash over her, sinking so far into the state that it took time for her to come back from it. Tonight she was in a playful mood of a completely different kind—cheerfully insolent and willing to take all the punishment I could mete out. I already knew she’d let me whip her until she was sore all over, then defy me for just a little longer, setting her tolerance for pain against my willingness to give it.

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge.

Faye looked down at the red mark rising on her flesh, then up at me. “That the best you can do, Sir?”

I raised the crop, never letting my pissed-off façade slip. “I haven’t even started—” Faye’s phone rang, the unexpected sound disorientating us both. She groaned, scowling at the offending object as if it was sentient.

“Damn it! Not now!” She tugged expectantly at her handcuffs. “Okay, let me out of these.”

I stood there, impassive, and she rolled her eyes.

“Zach, seriously. Someone’s probably dead and we’ll have to go to work.”

You can grab Dominance and Deception here.

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