Friends Friday – 2011.


2011 has been a a fantastic year for meeting friends. Many of them I’d already met online but have had the pleasure of meeting in the Flesh!


Back near the beginning of the year, April I do believe I got my first taste of SH! and met some great authors for the first time. The lovely Lucy Felthouse, my fellow Northern bird, KD Grace who is always chipper and sweet, Kay JayBee who has a naughty smile that matches her imagination, The very sophisticate Rebecca Bond (and her talented photo taking mate Parv) and the lovely Lexie Bay among others.

May saw me visiting Lincoln for the book festival. I met Serena Yates, who is funny as well as talented, Elizabeth Coldwell who has many entertaining tales to tell and these lovely ladies:


Heidi (official talker type PR lady) and Claire (Big boss big!) from Total-E-Bound. I also met the lovely Nicki, but she didn’t pose for a photo same can be said for the lovely Emmy Ellis (Also known as Natalie Dae) who is as warm in real life as online!

So I wasn’t even half way through the year and I’d met loads of lovely author folks and was eager to meet more.

So I was tempted in by the siren call of SH! Once more. This time I visited their lovely Hoxton branch for Rachel Krammer Bussel‘s special night of readings.

I met up with a few familiar faces and also met the lovely Jacqueline Applebee, Janine Ashbless and Justine Elyot and I was thrilled to spend some time talking authorly shop stuff with all these great writers.


I found myself in Milton Keynes in the summer with a room full of authors, more than I could ever mention by name (apologies) but if you check out the GLBT UK Meet page you’ll see them listed there.

It was a brilliant day filled with good food, laughter and great information. I had fun doing a little talk on Writers block and how to beat it.

The latter end of the year brought my Rendezvous Book Launch (At Sh again, I love it there, the girlz are wonderful!) and Erotica in London. I had fun at both and met many friends old and new. At Erotica I caught up with the lovely Hazel Cushion who I’ve met a few times before, she was keeping a very close eye on the Xcite stall with Matt, the new guy on the block who indulged my husband in lots of tech talk, making his weekend all the more pleasurable too!


I have met so many people this year. I’ve made new friends, concreted online relationships and laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I am so very blessed to have so many awesome author friends and I count all those I only know via the internet thus far. One day ladies and gents, one day I’ll meet you in the flesh I’m sure!

Thank you all for your support and friendship, it means the world to me and I wish you all many sales in 2012!