Friends Friday -2 Special guests!

Today I’m going to introduce you to some very, very important people in my life. I don’t see them much but I hear from them all the time. They might not be what you’d technically think of when you mention the word friend but I tell you what, I’d be even less sane without them in my life.

Who am I on about?

My characters of course!

And today I’m going to introduce you to the two in my BRAND NEW release Naughty Rendezvous which is now available from Xcite, Bookstrand and
All Romance Ebooks
(where it’s already a best seller)


Blurb:First title in the Rendezvous trilogy, part of Xcite Books’ Ultimate Curves Rubenesque Range.

Joe likes to tease and single mum Leanna loves it too. When they meet up for their first official date, the sparks fly but who’s going to crack first? Will Joe’s intimate questions and kiss and run tactics bring Leanna to her knees or will Leanna’s curves, flashed in moments of exhibition drive Joe to rip off all her clothes and indulge his urges?

How will she react to Joe’s domination and will she be turned on by his spankings? She’s going to be a naughty girl, so she’s bound to find out.

Leanna is a young single Mum. She w]orks in a supermarket, it’s not the most thrilling job in the world but it puts food on the table. Her mum is indispensable. She looks after her little baby, Lucy, when Leanna is at work and also takes her one weekend a month so Leanna can have a proper break.

Leanna loves her baby and would never, ever, ever wish for a life where she wasn’t born but she does wish that the lucky incident that brought her into existence would have happened with a better man. A man that wouldn’t have run for the hills when she announced she was pregnant. A man like Joe.

Joe is a clever business man who has a tendency to work too hard. He’s an American who’s been over in the UK for several years and he knows exactly what he wants. He wants Leanna.

Joe and Leanna are very good friends of mine. I’ve written over 50 000 words with these two as the stars and I’ve spent time with them on and off for the last 4 years.

I love them both dearly. Leanna is a bit feisty, very funny and has a little bit of a submissive side to her personality.
Joe is charming and witty and he is very dominant but he has a few little vulnerabilities that I love to play with.

Yep, I’m an evil author. ;)

So, here’s the scene where Leanna and Joe meet. Not for the first time but for the first time without a little Baby Lucy in tow.

I take another sip of hot-chocolaty goodness and re-cross my legs, the knee-length black skirt pulling tautover my knees. I had agonised over what to wear for days:casual, smart or casual/smart? I went for comfortable sexy in the end. My trusty skirt and little black heels (which make my legs look long and luscious) and a simple V- necked red top to pull out the green of my eyes and the pink flush of my cheeks. Oh, and under all that, of course, I am wearing my sexiest magenta-red lacy bra and matching knickers. Well, what little there is of them is red. I’m not one for wearing thongs, but today I feel daring. It’s so sexy and a little naughty to be going bare cheeked under a skirt, and a fairly short skirt with a split in it at that. The idea of him catching a glimpse of buttock as I bend over in front of him flames my desire.

Well, it would if he ever bloody turns up. I’m on my second cup of hot chocolate and I’m getting restless now. I’ll give him 10 more minutes – well, maybe 15 or 20. I am sure he must have been held up. I can’t bear to think I’ve actually been stood up. I’ve been building up to this for weeks, ever since I told him about this weekend. We’ve talked about it and fantasised about it too.

Sometimes our typing gets sexy. It just happens. We’ll be chatting about our day or a film we’ve watched or a book we’ve read or something like that and then suddenly we’ll be saying how much we long to rip the clothes from each other’s bodies. How we want to kiss long, hard, and without limit. He tells me he wants to taste me, smell my feminine musk up close, lick me there, at the core of my womanliness. I tell him how hungry I am for him. How I want to explore every last crevice, nook, and cranny of his body. I type with fervour, spelling mistakes flying left, right, and centre, until we reach the climax. Then we go back to chatting again, content and warm and snuggled up to each other even though there are a good few miles between us.

I look up from my chocolate and my reverie as the bell on the window-filled door tinkles. When I see an imposing male outline and realise it’s him, my body shudders a sigh of relief as my tummy tightens with the excitement.

The cold early winter air blows in with him and he swiftly shuts the door. Joe smiles over at Kathy, the café owner.

‘Usual, Joe?’ she asks.

‘Cheers, Kathy, you’re a star.’ His deep silken tone is tinged with that familiar accent of the American south, bringing a touch of the exotic to the Northern British mundaneness of a cosy café. A girlish smile cracks across the weathered face of the elderly matron; Joe’s charm has worked on her too. I am sure I am smiling in just the same way. Noticing me in the back corner, his slightly squiffy smile is aimed at me now and my body goes as liquid as the chocolate I sip.

He strides over. He moves between the chairs and tables effortlessly, his dark-grey overcoat swishing and swirling around his strong legs as he moves.

‘Oh darlin’, I am so sorry I’m late!’ He smiles at me as he sits down, his grey eyes full of apology and regret. ‘I do hate to keep you waiting!’

‘Ah, you’re worth it, Joe,’ I answer. ‘And besides, I do love Kathy’s hot chocolate.’

He looks down and notices I’m on my second cup.

‘Oh, you’ve been waiting ages. Now I feel awful.’ He moves his cold hand to my thigh and squeezes. ‘I’ll make it worth your while, Leanna.’

‘Mmm, I know you will.’ My voice is huskier than I expect, the effect of his hand upon me, no doubt. ‘So what are we going to do with my precious hours of freedom?’

‘Well, honey, it is your call but please be gentle with me. It’s been a long day.’ He takes a long swallow of his hot coffee and I watch his light-pink lips darken with the heat as he sips.

‘Well, this is going to sound like a come-on … ‘ I chuckle as I meet his eye, my cheeks flaring and my heart thudding for fear of rejection ‘ … but why don’t you just go back to my place? We can watch a film, I can throw us together a meal and we can just chill out for a bit.’

‘That sounds perfect to me.’ Joe smiles. He knowswhat I am thinking. He knows and he agrees to it. My heart does a pentathlon of actions as I hear myself saying, ‘Cool.’

We sit and chat for a while. He asks about Lucy, I ask about his day. We talk about the football, the traffic, and the sudden coldness of this bright autumn day. Joe drains the last of his coffee. His cheeks are more of an even pink now, having lost the harsh, wind-whipped look. His lips are deep, fleshy pink and plump. I look at the bottom lip as it curves under the coffee cup and wonder what it would be like between my own lips, gripped gently between my teeth.

‘Come on then.’ I shake myself from my seedy fantasy and pull myself up straight in my chair. ‘Or we’ll end up sitting here all day.’

‘OK.’ Joe replies, giving me a hand as I slip into my dark-chocolate coat. I watch him button up his own as I pull on my gloves.

‘It’s not far,’ I say as he holds the café door open for me. ‘So you won’t be out in the cold too long.’

He smiles as I pass him and his hand rests gently on my bottom for a moment before it is moved again. Oh, he is a tease.

Rush over to Xcite and get your copy now whilst Joe and Leanna are still on offer!


Joe and Leanna’s follow up ebook will be available from the 17th November and is called Sensual Rendezvous.

And on the 11th November Joe and Leanna are incredibly excited about being in their very own PRINT novel, Tempting Rendezvous which is all three of the ebook novellas wrapped up in the one print book.

If you would like to pick up a copy and hear pieces read from it by me, the creator you can come to SH! Hoxton on the 18th November at 7pm for the official book launch! My good friend and fellow Northern Bird, Lucy Felthouse will be joining me as my special guest too. And of course there will be time for me to sign your books for you!

I will also be at Erotica on Saturday the 19th November, signing books, doing readings and generally having fun. I’d love to see you, so if if you’re in or around London that weekend please come and visit me!