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It’s Sunday, it’s snog time and I have something Brand NEW for you today from my co-authored Novel, The Billionaire and The Wild Man.


Carrie is recouperating in the countryside with her mother and hating every minute of it until she bumps into the wild, mad-haired Flynn. She befriends him and sneaks him in to her mum’s home for a shower and a shave but something goes a little bit awry…

“Erm, Carrie,” Flynn shouts from the direction of the front room, “we’ve got a bit of a problem here.”

“Hang on a mo’.” I take out the carton and add a drop from it to my drink quickly. “I’m coming.”

I walk through to the lounge and am struck by the most hilariously mortifying sight ever. “Oh.” I try not to giggle, but a tiny laugh bubbles through my gritted teeth.

“It’s not funny, this is my only t-shirt,” Flynn snaps.

The shirt is significantly smaller than it should be. It exposes his stomach and pulls in his pecs, making him look like a teenage teenybopper about to go out to a concert.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry, Flynn.” I walk over to him and run my hand over the tight material. I just can’t seem to help myself. “I must have had the heat up too high. I suck at laundry. Are your trousers okay?”

“Yeah, they’re all right. I guess the heavier material dealt better with the heat, thank God. What am I going to do, though? I don’t mind walking back topless, but I don’t fancy spending the night like that. It’s hot, but geez, not that hot.”

“No worries, I’ve got something I can lend you, I think. Lift up your arms and I’ll help you out of this.”

“Yeah, thanks, I seem to be a bit stuck.” He sighs.

I giggle again, but this time he joins in with guffaws of his own. Thank God he sees the funny side, too.

“I hope my mum doesn’t decide to walk in right now. What a sight we must be.”

I push the tight material up his equally tight chest, pushing through the light smattering of hair across his well-defined pectorals until the freshly-washed cotton is rolled up under his arms. He smells of my citrus shower gel and manliness. My knees weaken, and I gulp down my burgeoning desire.

“I feel ridiculous, Carrie.”

“Well, you look rather ridiculous, too.” I chuckle.

“Thanks for those soothing words, friend,” he growls, his chest rumbling under my fingers.

“I’d not finished, actually, friend. I was going to say that you look rather ridiculous, but you feel seriously good.” I look up. His gaze meets mine, and my heart ceases to beat, my blood stops traveling, and I’m lost in the blueness of his eyes.

“Oh yeah?” he whispers, drawing my gaze to his lips, the bottom one plumper than the bow-shaped top one.

“Yeah.” I breathe the word, almost scared to move my mouth, transfixed.

I don’t need to move because he shifts his head forward and we kiss. It is different without a scratchy beard in the way. I can feel the smoothness of his skin and really appreciate the whole of his mouth moving on mine. I press hard against him, my hands fisted in the material of his shrunken top just below his armpits. His arms drop from their position in the air and wrap around my shoulders. He pulls me into his embrace and crushes me to his chest.

Just then, my newfound mantra echoes in my mind.

Friends don’t snog friends.

I pull back, gasping. Stupid mind.

“It’s much better without the beard,” I exclaim, “but we’ve got to get you dressed and out of here. Mum will be back any minute.”

“Sure, yes, of course.” Flynn raises his arms again and steps back from me. We disentangle, and I ease the tight material up until I can’t reach any higher and he takes over.

“I’ll just go get this top, I won’t be long.”

My stomach jogs manically as I race upstairs to the guest room which is mine for the duration of my visit. Fuck, what just happened? It was an intensely sexy kiss and bloody hell, I want more, but if I give in to the chemistry could it lose me a friend? My only friend. Shit. Maybe I am insane. I must be for contemplating not shagging that gorgeous package of masculinity.

If you read my New Release Post the other day, you’ll realise this is the follow on from that particular kiss. If you want more you can pick up The Billionaire and The Wild Man from these Online retailers:

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