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I’m so good to you guys, today I’m reminding you of an absolutely amazing anthology which is also absolutely FREE!



Sexy Just Walked Into Town is a collection of delicious erotic and romantic stories from the Brit Babes. This group of eight British authors, which I’m proud to belong to, have put together a book of tales to tease and tantalise you, each one a sample of the individual Babes’ voices and styles. You’ll find contemporary, BDSM, same-sex loving, ménage a trois, paranormal, sporty, military, Rubenesque and more. There’s something to suit everyone here including a few Brit Babe collaborations.

Ranging from sweetly vanilla to so-hot-it-will-blow-your-mind, the Brit Babes aim to please in every literary fantasy department. Their heroes are strong, determined and soul-achingly divine and their heroines sassy, sexy and not afraid to grab what they want. Passion and pleasure is the name of the game, romance and raunch a top priority and it all comes with a delightful sprinkle of kink.

With a whole host of awards, best-sellers and accolades between us, the Babes know you’ll find something in this anthology that will keep you turning the pages and squirming on your seat. Then, if you like what you read, check out the individual authors’ websites to investigate their collection of published works. Also visit the Brit Babes’ home on the web which acts as a library for the hundreds of books we’ve published. Tell your friends, spread the word, because one thing you can be sure of, is when the Brit Babes arrive, sexy has just walked into town!

And please, if you enjoy this anthology, leave a review. The Babes will be forever grateful.

Here’s my snog, infact snogs, for today. Definitely NSFW and not a mout to mouth kiss at all:

“Grace, you have the tastiest looking arse I’ve ever seen.” Dean growled from behind me. He took a few steps and suddenly I was aware of his substantial body behind me, the tickle of his breath on my neck. “I love watching it every week as you dance. I imagine such dirty things Grace, and today, my wishes came true. I nearly came when your pants split and I saw the flash of red, racy lingerie beneath. I covered you up quickly only because I was jealous, I didn’t want anyone else to see. I want to see, to play with and feel your curves. Will you let me?”

I nodded silently, unable to force words from my dry throat. I felt objectified and I didn’t mind. I liked being the centre of his fantasies. Knowing that every week I ogled his sweat soaked pecs he was appreciating my gluteus maximus made me glow with excitement.

Dean skimmed his hands down my back to my hips and I felt the displacement of air as he dipped down behind me. I wondered what he was doing then his hands settled once again on my arse, massaging, making me very aware of how damp I was between my thighs. A second later I was exposed because he gathered up the lace of my knickers and ripped violently down. The delicate threads burst asunder and revealed my flesh to him. He held the sides of my ruined shorts apart along with the lace he’d just busted open. He stared at my buttocks. I couldn’t move. I felt I could hardly breathe, locked under the weight of his gaze and shocked by what he’d done.

When his lips touched my left buttock I jumped slightly. They’d cooled after our hot kiss but soon warmed against the heat of my flesh. He peppered kisses all over my exposed curves, slow and soft, longer and harder. He had me whimpering and pressing my bottom out for more and when he bit me I thought I was going to explode with joy. As he kissed he let go of one side of the ratty material and moved the attention of his fingers to between my thighs. He traced the split in my shorts which ran around the front. It was just the enforced crotch of my underwear that preserved what little modesty I had left.

I was both shocked and thrilled when I felt his tongue slip between my buttocks. I worried for all of a split second about how sweaty I might be after such an intense workout session, but when his searching tongue sunk deeper and caught the bottom of my puffed up lips I forgot to worry. Dean moved swiftly, prodding and poking while his fingers slipped to the bottom of my pants and with a sudden show of strength he ripped. The material gave and I felt cool air on my split, then his fingers and his mouth, vying to find purchase between my slippery lips.

If you’d like more you can pick up the anothlogy here:

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Available Free:
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