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I’ve not felt so turned on in more years than I care to admit. His hands rest on my hips, long fingers extended, begging me for more. I claw at his chest, not sure if I’m pulling him in or pushing him away. There’s part of me that’s trying desperately to escape. That corner of my brain that has the photos of his conquests stored up, the articles they were attached to ready to quote.

But I don’t want to listen to that. This hot, sexy man is kissing me, arousing me in a way I’ve only ever experienced in my dreams before… What would I gain from pushing him away? Sure, he’s a player, but he’s going to be out of my life tomorrow, so why not have fun while he’s here?

I wrap my fingers in his T-shirt and pull him closer. That appears to be his cue to slide his hands up my back and deepen the kiss even further. Am I breathing? Am I kissing? I can’t tell the difference anymore. I don’t want to. I need more of his kiss more than I need the air.

“Convinced it’s real yet?” He runs his hand over my shoulder, pulling my dress strap down with his soft touch.

“Erm…” I gasp and pull in a deep breath. “It’s getting more and more dream like.”

“How often do you snog me in your dreams?” His lips turn up in a cheeky little smirk.

“Now that would be telling.” I look down between our bodies as my cheeks heat.

Thunder lifts my chin with his finger until I’m looking him straight in the eyes. “Well then, are the real kisses or the dream kisses better?”

I lick my lips nervously. “Real, I think.”

“Only think?” He shakes his head gently, grinning all the while.

“Well, I’ve got limited experience to go on so far,” I reply, finding bravery from his lusty gaze.

“But that was my best kissing.” He pouts.

I laugh and quickly kiss his pout. “But you only kissed my lips. You kiss other places in my dreams.”

Thunder raises an eyebrow with surprise, then he laughs. “Oh well then, let’s give you something else to work on.”  Dipping forward he kisses where my jawline meets my ear then trails gentle kisses lower until he’s nestling into my neck and adding nibbles to the mix.

I let out a soft moan when his nibbles centre on my pulse point. They deepen and get harder until it’s a bite and a suck and I am just melted goo in his arms.

“That’s cheating, it’s supposed to just be kissing,” I gasp, trying to regain the upper hand.

He drops lower, kisses softly, then digs his teeth into the flesh over my clavicle. “This is heavy metal kissing.”

And I won’t want to be kissed any other way from here on in.


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