Free Audio Orgasm on Rose Caraway’s The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotic Podcast!

Nothing like a quickie, eh? And there’s definitely nothing quite like a Rose Caraway quickie I can tell you! If you’ve not met her, she’s got a sexy voice and records lots of sexy stories for your listening pleasure. Recently she brought oral life to The big Book of Orgasms from Cleis press, brought together by Rachel Krammer Bussel and it’s rding high in the audible charts!


And to celebrate she’s giving a taster from the 69 sexy shorts on her Kiss Me Quicks Erotic Podcast…and guess which story she chose…Yep, mine! Wooo hoo. Pushing Boundaries on Public Transport is a fun little story that takes place on the top deck of a bus on a hot summer’s day. It’s a little bit of exhibitionist fun and I’m so excited that Rose has decided to feature it on her podcast!

pushing boundaries.

Take a listen at The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotic Podcast and ejoy the sexiest journey on public transport you’ve taken in a long while!