Free Sexy, Summer Stories Volume 4!

I’m happy to announce that Sexy Summer Stories vol.4 is currently free on kindle at both and


And one of my stories is in there! Yay, Free Blisse!

The blurb for the collection:

From languid love-making on idyllic beaches to sexy city romps in penthouse apartments, this is a series of stories set in exotic locations and is perfect for steamy summer reading.

An Argentinian Tango by Troy Seate Erotic relations in exotic locations find Jacob Smiley while he’s trying to make like an American version of James Bond. He learns a playboy lifestyle can be tricky when you’re in a high-level government program. One must remember to check out his or her playmates’ credentials along with their bodies when high stakes, especially a moon mission, are involved.

Romanesque by O’Neil de Noux What will you do if you’re taking photos of Romanesque statues in the ancient Roman Arena in Verona, Italy, and a buxomly brunette steps in with a cameraman and pulls her top down to show off a hefty pair of luscious breasts and poses for him? You join in the photo session. Soon uniformed police officers come by, Carabinieri, who step up to investigate and the model answers with a little oral sex. Everyone gets a turn with Carrie, screwing this insatiable woman as the camera keep clicking. Sunny Italy sometimes lives up to its sensuous reputation.

From Bradford To Bollywood by Victoria Blisse Aisha works in her father’s restaurant until the day a famous Bollywood director whisks her away to Mumbai to play the lead in his latest film. She loses her heart but not to the city of bright lights or the romantic movie she stars in. She falls crazily in love with Kareem who walks in on her masturbating in his office. What will he do with her next?

These stories first appeared in Foreign Affairs published by Xcite Books

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