Fetish Torture and Treats in Barcelona!#WickedWednesday


I posted this tweet whilst I was having a wonderful time in Barcelona. As today’s Wicked Wednesday Prompt is to elaborate, I thought I’d tell you more about my break in the Spain.  The Blisse’s Barcelona Break in fact.

We started our journey from Manchester Airport, on a relatively pleasant Ryanair flight. We were a bit squished up though and were happy indeed to unfold out of our seats a couple of hours later at Barcelona Airport.

The staff were exceptionally helpful. Kev has a bulging disc in his back and although doing much better with treatment, found all the walking in Airports too much. We managed to get a wheelchair at Manchester but on a ad hoc basis. So they didn’t realise we needed one at Barcelona. However, a short wait and a slight mix up that nearly had us on a flight back home (oops) later and we were in the very capable hands of Raymond. Who greeted us warmly, shook our hands and told us everything would be alright. He wheeled Kev through the airport and I walked along with his colleague (who’s name I didn’t get) and discussed….well, everything. I felt like we’d known this lovely, smiley man forever. He left us at the side of a taxi and wished us well.

It was late when we got to the Hotel so we opted to go straight to bed than go meet up with the others. I bought us some snacks and drinks from a shop up the road then we settled in for our first night in Barcelona.

Hotel 54  is a snazzy little place, not many rooms but all comfortable and pretty well equipped. Our bed was wonderfully comfortable and we had a nice little en-suite too, though the shower wasn’t terribly powerful, it was a good base for our trip away. I especially loved the mirrors behind the bed. I had to use them to take a photo for Sinful Sunday too!

The next morning we headed over to the Playamedia offices to meet up with the fetish.com gang (Diego, Gregor, Miguel and Mark) and the other 2 fetmods on the trip. When they told us it was right on the beach, they weren’t exaggerating. It is a stone’s throw from the sand.

I have met a number of the fetish.com team already via Eroticon, but it was wonderful to get to meet the other members of the team who work on other playmedia sites and apps and whatnots. It’s A fabulous little office with a wonderful atmosphere.  Seems like a wonderful place to work and of course, the people were all top notch too.

Everyone kept apologising to us about the weather. Sure it was overcast (and there were a few showers) but it was relatively warm and much better than the cold rain that had sent us packing from Manchester.

After meeting all the people and seeing all the offices sights (it’s only little but rather pretty) we sat down to take a sneaky peek at the upcoming App for fetish.com –ooooh, exciting! It looks fabulous and I can’t wait to tell you all about the launch when it happens in a few months time.

In the Playamedia dungeon…oo er!

We were also fed. I got a wonderful gluten free breakfast. It was cereal of all non-gluten kinds with seeds and the most delicious plain yogurt I’ve ever tasted. Mmm. At Lunch, the wonderful chef/cook (not sure which title Elisabeth prefers!) made a magnificent spread that was all gluten free!  It was delicious too. I was very, very grateful.

The afternoon gave us some free time. We had grand plans for doing all the touristy things but as it was, we spent some quality time (you know what I mean ;) ) in our hotel room and then up on the roof terrace of our hotel. It’s a magnificent view, as you can see in the tweet above and I really enjoyed doing nothing for a change. Sometimes you have to take it easy.


The Blisses having a Blisseful time on the Hotel 54 roof terrace 

In the evening we headed over to 23 Robadors for something Spanish. It’s an atmospheric bar, dark and brooding and a little frayed at the edges. At one end a stage and lots of chairs, the other end of the long tunnel like room was the bar.

Now, this is where the torture came in to our adventure. Aural torture. I’m not quite sure what the people on the stage were doing to their instruments (Sax and cello) but it made some pretty weird noises. Buzzing bees, the approach of a serial killer and an angry argument all ensued in a cacophony of noise that didn’t ever quite make it to being music.

We didn’t stay for long.  Ahem. Though Miguel insisted that the place gives good Flamenco. Not on that Thursday night it didn’t.

Anyway, we moved on to La Monroe for food and drinks. We grabbed a table outside and enjoyed some of the most amazing film inspired tapas. There were amazing little potatoes with a sour cream sauce, Iberian ham, a meat and cheese platter, MOUNTAINS of Nachos (sooooo good) and this wonderful potato and egg dish with the freshest, tastiest smoked salmon on the top. So much good food in exceptional company. Wonderful.

Friday, we realised why everyone was apologetic about the overcast weather. It was gloriously sunny and hot. And in the sun, the sky and the sea were so much bluer. Amazingly azure. Also everywhere was much, much busier. It’s like the whole place burst into life. Fabulous.

We conducted our business (after another delicious breakfast) on the roof terrace. Not a bad place to have a meeting, I can tell you.

Selfies on the rooftop at the office

 After lunch we were all shipped out to the asylum of Barcelona, where a Dr Steinberg was known to conduct illegal electroshock therapy. I was a little disappointed to realise there wasn’t going to be any real electroplay when I got to the Chicken Banana escape rooms but actually, I had a great time without any electric shocks anyway!

Group photo of the visiting fetmods and fetish.com team. Lovely, normal bunch aren’t we?

I’ve never done an escape room before and to be honest, I wasn’t greatly looking forward to it. However, it was wonderful fun. Even if the weird noises freaked me out a good bit to start with and it took me a while to get my head into the game.  Once I clicked into the right frame of mind I became completely absorbed working out clues and opening locks and squeeing a lot.  My team were fantastic. Gregor and Miguel were on the maths and the logic and Hex and I were good with the observational and the more cryptic. We worked really well as  a team.

And escaped! With 8 minutes to spare…which the other team I’m sure are very surprised to hear. We certainly didn’t rub it in at all as they didn’t escape. Oh dear.

I’d definitely do another escape room, it was quite the experience.

After a little more time on the roof terrace at the office, Kev and I headed back to our hotel via a few souvenir shops and  Dino’s gelateria which I’d noticed a few times as I’d walked past as it had a poster with lots of allergens listed, including gluten. Got a big ol’ tub of delicious flavours (pistachio was my favourite I think)  and was very happy we decided to pop in.

I had so many happy food moments in Barcelona but nothing beats Friday night’s meal out at a completely Gluten Free restaurant. I could eat EVERYTHING! I was so excited. From  The moment we walked into Messie Pizza I couldn’t stop smiling. The food smelt delicious, we could see the chefs working in the kitchen with the huge pizza ovens and I knew I’d be able to pick anything I wanted off the menu.

I picked pizza. A prawn Carpaccio. It was so good I was happy dancing in my seat as I ate it. I kept looking at it in disbelief. It was gluten free and tasted so.damn. good.

And there was cake! I went for the banana cake in the end and I’m glad I did. It was delicious. Moist and crumbly and cakey and yum. My wonderful husband had chocolate cake and let me have a bite. That was awesome too.

Barcelona was filled with amazing food moments. I appreciated food. So I love Barcelona!

It was a sad moment saying goodbye to the Fetish team. I’d known them all a little bit before the trip but felt like I knew them all a lot better as we hugged goodbye. I can’t wait to go back and see them all again.

We said goodbye to the other fetmods later on, one that evening and the other at the airport as we were flying from the same terminal around the same time. It was good to get to know them as more than just words on a screen.

The journey home went well. Assistance at Barcelona and Manchester was exemplary again. The flight home via Easy Jet was great. We had a fair bit more space for a start. I got a window seat so I could stare out over the map like vista below.

When we got to Manchester, the weather was a shock to the system. Wet, windy and really fecking cold. From 20+ degrees in Barcelona to 7 when we landed in Manchester. Brrrr.

But it is always good to get home after a trip, even if you end up wrapping up in several jumpers and putting the heating on as the rain hammers on the window outside.

And I’m sure we’ll be back in Barcelona soon.