I was incredibly excited to get back to Club Lash after a couple of month’s sabbatical. Especially as the theme was Fantasy and Sci Fi. Me and Mr Blisse are both life-long Pratchett fans so we took our costume inspiration from the Discworld. I became a very dark and sexy incarnation of Susan Sto Helit (Death’s Granddaughter).


I even had my faithful horse Binky with me. Well, Dr Hooves was cosplaying Binky for me!


I had great fun pulling my costume together. It really is fun to get dressed up!



It was interesting getting into Manchester to Bangkok Bar. I did put on a long, black skirt and a sparkly throw but I still go some strange looks. Mind you, I did have a wizzard in tow. Yep, Wizzard. It said so on his hat.

When we arrived at Club Lash we were warmly welcomed, as always, and offered a glass of bubbles by some gorgeous pink clad Sexhibiton reps as this event was a Sexhibition warm up! That was really special and made me feel like a star.

Kev and I headed to have our photos taken early on in the night so we wouldn’t forget. Let me introduce Rincewind, the inept but incredibly sexy Wizzard.


We set up shop on a table near the dance floor with one of our smutty friends. I danced a fair bit, the music was a good mix, I was especially a fan of the cheesy pop. I do love something I can bop to!

I didn’t go into the playroom this time. I was having too much fun where I was. That’s the good thing about Lash, you can do what you want. There’s no expectation. If you wanna sit in a corner and chat all night you can or dance on the dancefloor or spend the night tied up in the dungeon, it’s totally up to you. We had some fun playing with implements and even bought a rather gorgeous new flogger.



It was a great night, with a wonderful relaxed and sexy vibe. One of the most memorable meetings of the night was when I was coming out of the ladies loo. There’s quite a useful full length mirror so I was busy checking I was presentable and noticed that I was a bit rucked up round the thigh, so I was altering this as I walked through into the corriodr in front of the gents loos and came face to face with a guy kneeling by the door.

“Oh,” I gasped, giggled and stopped fiddling with my clothing. “peekaboo.”

Not the coolest thing to say, granted, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

The guy told me he’d been instructed to wait.

“Oh, okay, bye.” I smiled and wandered back out into the club.

I’m not sure which of us was the most flustered!

Can’t wait for next month’s. We’re definitely going to be there, I’m planning my uniform already. Well, September is back to School time, right?