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hello all,

I hope you’ve had a good and relaxing weekend. Mine was full of fun and family, you can’t beat that really. I discovered once more that I am a complete softie when I spent the last half hour or so of Princess and the Frog in tears. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Now, talking about suckers, I want to mention to you my vampire story, The Point.


Toni Sands, a fellow author and all round lovely lady has reviewed The Point and this is part of what she has to say about it:

Lush descriptions of blood dripping, juices flowing and good intentions dissolving inhabit The Point. It’s not just a vampire story. It’s a story of lust and love. And that, my friend, is too potent a combination to resist.

To read the rest pop over to and look at the review page.

I had a really busy week last week and am happy to say this one should be fair less stressful. I did finish my Christmas story ‘Snowed in at School’ and I am waiting to hear back from my editor about it. I also got in my edits for Stopping Point, book two of the Point Vamp series and that will be released in October.

Stopping Point is about Josh, one of three vampires we meet briefly in The point and we follow his journey from the moment he is turned to discovering who his sire is and how he copes with being a brand new vampire. It is a funny, sexy and touching story and the romance in it will take you by surprise I’m sure.

I am cruel teasing you with details 3 months before it’ll be released, but I’m excited about it.

Now I have to decide on what to write next! I like this bit. :)

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