Mary is a romance author and a part time waitress, she needs to pay the bills. She isn’t particularly social and most of her non-work interaction is with people through the internet. She especially enjoys hanging out on a Thirty-Something forum. Most people there are lovely and she even arranged a date with one guy, unfortunately though he turned out to be a bit of a creep and although she only saw NAME for one date, he wouldn’t leave her alone online.

She wasn’t out looking for anything else but then Will came along. He was a debater, young and professional but no matter how much she tried to forget him she could not. A friendship shot up between them and then one day, it went further than just friendship.

Hi, how’re you?

Remembering the earlier prediction, I wrote a cheeky reply that I knew would push the envelope a bit.

Hiya William,
I’m well,*blushes* kinda horny. Just had an interesting cyber sex session and I was really kind and let him, erm, see to himself whilst I typed. How are you?

I held my breath and waited, refreshing manically until a reply showed up.

I’ve never got that cyber thing.

I replied that, when done right, it could be a really sexy experience. However, I thought it was far too easy to do it wrong. Trying to wank and type, for example, was pretty much a no-no.

How do you do it then?

He asked and I replied before I even thought.

I could show you. Do you have IM?

My heart was in my throat, my typos going unchecked. I couldn’t look at anything open on my desktop. My hands were jittery and I felt like I couldn’t quite catch my breath. I had just asked this handsome young man to have cyber sex with me. Not only that, I made it sound like I was some kind of expert at it. What on God’s green earth had possessed me to do that?

Yes. My IM is WilliamBlake1.

I shakily typed in the name and sent off a request to chat with him. Now I was pretty sure I was dreaming. I would wake up and find my head on the keyboard. Still, my heart pounded all the harder when I remembered the enormous pressure on me to perform well. This could well be my one chance to show William that cyber sex was good…and maybe, just maybe, get him to interact with me sexually.

I might have been nervous, I might have been clammy and my fingers might have shaken a little, but my nipples were hard and my crotch was tingling.

Hey Mary, Would you do me a favor? While we’re chatting like this will you just call me Joe? I want to immerse myself in the fantasy.

Not a particularly weird request and one I acquiesced too easily.

Okay, and you can call me Lucy, then we’re both in character.

I couldn’t believe that it was really happening to me. I was waiting for him to call my bluff as I sent out my highly original message. All my imagination had left me. I was flailing and uninspired.

Hi, Joe.

He replied straight away, catching me off guard.

Hi Lucy, so what have you got to show me?

I thought for a moment, then typed. I decided to continue with the cheeky theme. It had gotten me this far.

Well I do believe, Sir, that you would like a demonstration of my Cyber sex technique. I’m going to show you how it’s done.

What do I have to do? He asked.

Answer when you can, but mostly just sit back and, erm, enjoy the experience. Now, what would you like me to do for you, Sir?

I knew he was a dominant kind of guy. I hoped to use that knowledge to my advantage.

Well, Lucy, I’ve had a long day at work and I ache all over…

I grinned as a spark of inspiration exploded in my mind.

Well in that case you need the cyber-deluxe whole body massage. Take off your clothes Sir, all of them, and lie yourself down on the massage table right there. I, of course, shall look the other way whilst you do so.

It seemed to be a long time before he got back to me. I squirmed in my chair, feeling my sticky thighs clinging to the soft leather beneath me.

Disrobed and lying down, ready for your ministrations.

I let myself have a moment to imagine that. His tall, lithe body stretched out, naked and waiting to be caressed by my hands. I was starting to wish I had some practice at typing one-handed.

Okay Sir, let me just get some of this oil warmed in my hands, I don’t want to chill you. Just lay still and relax, I’m going to start here on your shoulders. Oh, you are tense.

I imagined the scene completely as I lost myself in typing it. I was wearing a plain white overall, tight around my chest and left partially unbuttoned, revealing my creamy cleavage. I was leaning over him, feeling the heat rising from his body as I rubbed the knots from his shoulders and upper back. I took sly glances down to his perfectly curved and strokable, but only imagined, arse.

As he typed his moans, I heard them. The gasps and appreciative groans moved my hands lower down his back. I was smoothing and massaging as I spread silky soft oil with each stroke. I could visualise it. His taut, toned back with its sandy sun-dusted tones contrasting against the English paleness of my hands. I could feel my heart pumping harder, my loins contracting as I slipped down, heading towards those soft hillocks that I’d be desperate to get my hands on in real life.

I was hoping all my sexual tension and longing was coming through as I typed. I knew there would be typos since I was so worked up. I couldn’t take time to look at what I’d actually typed. I was just lost in the fantasy and I gave it my all.

I smothered his butt with soft caresses, then harder more massaging actions. A brief, light kiss and I slipped down and worked his thighs. The muscles were so hard and strong. If I thought really, really hard, I could almost convince myself I was tracing my fingers over his skin and not tapping away at my keyboard.

If you’d like to roll over, Sir, I’ll finish you off…I mean your massage of course, sir.

All I wanted to actually do was finish myself off, but that would have to wait until I had pleasured him. I was being tested and I needed to get an A plus to have any chance of a repeat performance.

Erm, I would but there’s one part of me that is less than relaxed right now, and I don’t want you to be offended.

I grinned as I typed my reply, thrilled that he was actively joining in the game.

Don’t worry Sir, I’m trained to relax all parts of the body, I’ll deal with it.

I would have loved to deal with his un-relaxed part, firm and throbbing in my hands. As the words, “Okay, I’m rolling over,” appeared on my screen, my minds eye focused on the hardness bobbing at crotch level. I stared, its awe-inspiring sexuality leaving me breathless.

I typed all my thoughts and fantasies as my paragraphs came out in fragments, with words and sentence long forgotten and grammar a thing of the past.

I started again, mirroring what I had done on his back. I smoothed down his shoulders, constantly aware of his imagined eyes on me as I slipped my oily hands over his hard chest.

I felt his excited heartbeat thudding below my fingers as the tension grew. I could hear his moans as they became more frequent and I moved lower. I inched down over his giving stomach, and aimed for the hardness located just below it.

All playful banter had been forgotten. Need and lust drove my fingers to dance over the keys as they would dance over his hard on. I grasped him gently, but professionally, remembering my masseuse role, and proceeded to relieve the tension in his hard cock.

Description dripped through my keyboard like drips of precum through my fingers. I wanked him with my words. I couldn’t leave it at just my hands. Imagining such a gorgeous specimen in my hands just led me to taste it. I licked and sucked as I tickled his balls. I felt proud of my blowjob technique. I was convinced I was realistically portraying his hardness stretching my lips as I plunged him into my mouth and down my throat.

I was more turned on by that wordplay than I had been by some past real-life experiences. I swore that if I had moved a hand down to my crotch I would have exploded in orgasm, just from one gentle caress. I was so close. I was enjoying the wet, warm tingling between my thighs and used the need to enhance my written technique.

I soon became aware that he’d not replied for a while, not even the drawn out mmmmmm of a person so turned on they could only manage to hold down one letter on the keyboard. As I wondered what that might mean, one word flicked up on my screen.


If I had been writing an erotic story, I’d not use that for a climax, but it was obviously his orgasm. I felt myself throb with pleasure as I imagined his hot, sticky come exploding in my mouth, me sucking eagerly to clean him off.

And this was only the start of an interesting, up and down relationship between the two. To find out what happens next you need to pick up Making it Real, which is my longest story to date at 40k! Here’s the blurb if you want a little more info before you rush to get it.

He’s her secret fantasy, but can she turn her dreams into reality? Mary loves the internet but is surprised to find herself falling in love over it. Will is a mysterious, sexy American she meets on a forum and soon it becomes apparent they have Chemistry. Part time waitress and full time author Mary is thrilled to find out her online crush is visiting England on business and plans to seduce him but will the heat that freely flows from monitor to monitor be present in the cold reality of Manchester in winter?