I love Dr Sketchy’s. It’s fun, it’s social and it’s really relaxing. I’m rubbish at drawing but I have fun every time anyway. Last month’s theme was fairy tales and happened at Mantra Live which is a lovely space in Wellington Mill, Ancoats.

We’d set up the Smut UK stand with lots of smutty goodies to buy and freebies including interesting jelly sweets and goodie bags.

Smut UK Stall photos courtesy of the amazing Dave Roberts Photography.


I left Mr Blisse to man the stall and got down to watching some seriously fun acts and listening to lots of disney songs -basically heaven for me. I’m a child at heart!

The first act was an amazing Beauty and the Beast inspired hoop act with beautiful Belle….also known as Holly Blue!


When it came to drawing something that Belle sees when she looks up from being absorbed in her book…well, I couldn’t resist really. *LOL*



I never thought I’d type the words ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Burlesque in the same sentence, but I am now. I really loved the Dumbo act, it was sexy, funny and just all round cute. I adored Scarlett Von Rouge‘s costume too – very cleverly done!




I got a bit scared during Bea Noir and Harley Monsterr‘s act…there was a lot of fire, I was sat in the front row and it seemed to be aimed at me but once I got over that I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular. Gorgeous costumes, beautiful ladies and amazing fire skills!




When I had to draw Harley Dragon’s most treasure possession…I went a bit dark. No hard feelings to host with the most Jay…even though the prize was Jay’s severed head.


Dr Sketchy is at the Wellington Mill Art Jam on Sunday 27th  September  so you can have a go yourselves from 5pm totally free, check it out :)