Exploring Desires



I want you.

I want to touch your body,

I want to explore your soft and hard contrasts,

To find all the secret spots that make you gasp and moan and writhe.


I miss you.

I miss all of you.

I miss all of you on all of me.

Together bound with lust, laugher and love. The strongest bonds.


I crave you.

I crave your caress

I crave your fingers on me and in me.

The way you control me, hurt me, pleasure me with just your hands.


I yearn for you.

I yearn for your noises.

I yearn for your sweet, filthy words.

Primal roars and whimpers, degrading endearments and passionate love yous.


I need you.

I need you now.

I need you always.

Viscerally with every part of my being, essentially to the very depths of my soul.

Want, miss, crave, yearn, need.





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