I have not had the best of weeks so far. My daughter hasn’t been well, she’s caught this horrid flu and has been off school so far this week. So I’ve spent an awful lot of time inside the house looking after a poorly little girl. So I’ve been feeling a little glum, as I am sure you can quite understand.

However last night I got a really pleasant surprise as I was checking through various email and such. I discovered that two of my stories had been nominated in the Love Romances Best of Awards! Not one but two, that definitely put a smile on my face!

So Moon Shy is nominated for the Best Shapeshifter book and The Point is nominated for the best book over all! I’m really, really thrilled and thank the person/people who nominated these stories, I’m touched, I really am. Now, voting doesn’t open ’til the 22nd. So once voting is up and running I will let you know and would appreciate your votes, thank you.

Tomorrow I’m going to share some excerpts with you from my Nominated stories so you can get a feel for them and their characters all in time to vote.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to indulge myself in some happy dancing!

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