NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

I am Victoria Blisse, but you can call me Victoria, Vicky or even  just V and I’ll probably answer you. Just don’t call me late for dinner!(Badum tush)   @Victoriablisse on that there Twitter.

Tell us 3 things you are most looking forward to at Eroticon 2019

  1. Being in an environment surrounded by creative people being creative. Is there any better way to be enthused about what you do?
  2. Branding Demo. I’m incredibly curious about this. When I am curious, I find fun things happen.
  3. Meeting people. Those I know, those I don’t. I’m an anxious bean but I do love connecting with people and Eroticon is filled with the best kind of people.

We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song.

I pondered how to pick just one song, then as I was thinking about various ones I love a Bon Jovi song jumped to mind. And as I’m getting a bucket list tick by going to see them this summer and every time I hear a Bon Jovi song in the wild I squeal for joy at this fact, I thought that kinda made my mind up.

Bad Medicine, Bon Jovi.


What is your favorite item or book you’ve purchased so far this year?

Ooof. This is difficult. However, I bought this pretty Angel wing pendant with some of my Xmas monies and I love it. I am an angel, after all, so this seemed like the perfect fit for me!


You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape?

Damn good sexy beatings.

or cheese.

Combine the two and wow.

What is your favourite quote from a movie?

“Flash, Flash I love you, but we only have 14 hours left to save the Earth!”  -Flash Gordon. 

My favourite film, the silliest quite. :)

What is your word suggestion to next years Eroticon anthology?


Complete the sentence:

I feel…

A lot. I am intensely emotional and sometimes wish I didn’t feel so deeply but then I fear I would miss out on so much of what makes life beautiful.


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