Okay, I’m going to start my post with a huge thank you to Ruby Kiddel. You Rock and I seriously hope you indulge in nothing more serious than deciding between knickers this week! You deserve a rest!

There are many blogs out there on the event, here’s a few I know of KD Grace, Lucy Felthouse, and Lovehoney so check them out and get a real feel for the day.

I’m not going to list everything I did because I am petrified of causing offence by forgetting to mention someone and also ALOT happened on Saturday. Alotalotalot.

And it started at 4am for me. Well, 4.08 actually, I have this quirk where I have to set my alarm at an ‘odd’ time. I can’t do 4am or 4.10 or 4.15…it’s probably a deep seated psychological problem but hey, we’ll address that another day!

People watching is fun at that time of the day. At Piccadilly station I observed 2 distinctly different sets of folks. Those up early and those who hadn’t gone to bed yet. Very entertaining but not as entertaining as Lucy Felthouse’s conversation. She jumped on my train at Birmingham New Street and was actually incredibly articulate for the time of day!

Eroticon was at Armada house in Bristol and the Northern Birds flew there from the station by taxi as our wings were tired. I wandered in to lots of people chatting merrily and met with Paul and Matt from House of Erotica. It was lovely to put faces to the names I email so often.

I also got hugs from Kay Jaybee, KD Grace and a chat with the ever lovely Janine Ashbless. I swear it was all go.

So, I’m not going to do a run down of all the panels, I’ll be here all day. I’ll pick out a few of the phrases and events that stuck with me though!

“To sell books you have to never give up.” The lovely Maxim Jakobowski during his writer’s workshop.

I found out that you can use all kinds of household objects to experience BDSM. I’m just glad Aisling Weaver didn’t hit me with the wooden spoon. The blindfolding and being tied up looked kinda fun though. It was a really brilliant session that Long distance traveller Aisling Weaver and demure, sweet and oh so nasty Josephine Myles gave on writing queer that I could go on and on about the useful tips I got from these ladies.

It was a brilliant workshop as it gave insights into how to get into the mindset of someone you clearly are not. How to write as a man when you’re a woman, how to write BDSM when you’re as vanilla as the finest ice cream in the parlour and such.

The ever lovely Lucy Felthouse and I paired up for a session on writer marketing that focussed on blog tours and it went really well! Lucy had made a wonderfully stylish power point presentation to go with our ramblings er, I mean our insightful like, insights into marketing and stuff.

Oh, did you know that Victorian Spanking is the next big thing? It so is, ask Hazel Cushion then submit some to her at Xcite because she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm for it throughout the publishers panel in the afternoon.

And guess what! I won a prize in the raffle! It’s NOT a guinea pig carrier (my poor guinea pig would have a heart attack if you tried to slip him in this baby) but it was often referred to as a cat carrier.

And see here for when Lucy Stuck her thing in my hole. *deadpan look*

And she looks so innocent there too, doesn’t she!

Eroticon was a rip roaring success and though I didn’t get to hear any readings (boo) because time just ran out I had a thoroughly enjoyable day that ended in a spanking. Check out London Faerie for more details.

So after the spanking and some sexy burlesque it was time to go for dinner. Lucy, KD Grace, Lily Harlem, Josephine Myles, Maxim Jakobowski and new friend Jacqui Brocker found a space at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen who deserve a mention for finding us a table, making room for our luggage (including above orange hillock) and our smutty conversation.

I had a buffalo burger, it was delicious. The conversation was top notch and I’ll never look at monkey nuts in the same way again…

Then some folks had to wind their way back to hotels so Lily, Lucy, KD and I headed towards the Ibis where we were all staying and the lovely Josephine joined us as she had time to kill before her train. We had fun drinking and chatting in the hotel bar and kept chatting until someone came in who was much, much louder than us and we decided to adjourn to a bedroom for tea and talk!

I cant possibly divulge the content of our conversation but it was goooooood, really good and we have plans, many plans muah ha ha ha ha. *aherm*

And then as 2 o’clock hit and Lily and KD went off to their rooms the Northern birds got ready for bed.

Like this.

Because this is what girls do when they have a sleep over right, husband dearest?

And the next day I enjoyed my gourmet breakfast with Lucy then we all said our goodbyes. I was waiting about in Bristol to see a friend I don’t get to visit often so I had an hour or so to myself and managed to thumb 1.5k of my Smut by the sea submission while I waited. Apparently little sleep sits well with me!

It was a brilliant day and I can’t wait for eroticon 2013. I’m not going to mention that to Ruby quite yet though, I think she needs to recover from this one first!