Erotica Writers are…Spiritual #eroticon2013

You know me, I’m a sucker for the subject of sex and spirituality. I find it endlessly humbling that the best conversations I have about God happen in places like my mum’s kitchen, eroticon and in a restaurant surrounded by erotica writers.

Erotica Writers are...Spiritual #eroticon2013

Those who write erotica, or sex blogs are connecting with humanity at a level that goes beyond the physical, sex is not just put tab A into slot B, it is something more and as such I find myself getting spiritual with my erotica buddies on a regular basis. Here’s some Spiritual highlights from Eroticon 2013

Did we cause the Pope to resign?
Is Ardbeg better than Laphroaig?

The most spiritual part of the weekend was the discussion I had with Victoria Blisse in the break room as Eroticon was winding down. We discussed the places that only writing can take us, the places inside ourselves that we didn’t even know were there, the places that open us in ways that are both frightening and exhilarating. Those places that only writing can take us are the reason we write. And we’ve both been at it long enough to know we could never, ever, ever NOT write.

Frankly, the whole thing was pretty spiritual. A cross between communion and group mind-sex. But then, I’ve never been able to find much daylight between transcendent eroticism and ecstatic religious experience. What I think came through loud and clear was the almost unanimous acknowledgement that eroticism can be a formative, life-changing experience and that writing about it well involves a sacred pact with the truth of that.

KD mentioned the fabulous conversation we held and there’s one more spiritual moment I’d like to share. I went out one evening with my smut writing pals and as we ate we talked about all kinds of things, and in passing my faith came up. I really enjoyed the ensuing conversation that covered all sorts of issues and was tolerant and curious and illuminating, just like such conversations should be.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about the spiritual side of all my friends and being accepted as a Christian who writes erotica with warmth and love, which is in great contrast with the reaction of most Christians I have told.

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  • Wonderful post – I was overjoyed by the spiritual discussions going on – I loved discovering just how much importance we as erotic writers place on mind, body AND spirit – very uplifting (and comforting). We explore so much more than the physical. Thanks once again Miss B x x

    • Me and You, KD, we’re going to do that session on Sex and Spirituality next time, by hook or by crook and it’s going to be brilliant. :)

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