Friends Friday

An unusual Friends Friday this week, it’s part of my Eroticon 2013 series of posts. Today’s comments are all about kindness. When we arrive at Eroticon we are all nervous to one extent or another. I was lucky, I arrived with lots of people I know and know well but sometimes people are going in completely alone, there are a lot of strangers who arrive at the event but somehow, by the end, we’re a community.


Today’s post is dedicated to the gentle, sweet, generous side of Erotica writers and believe me, this post could have gone on forever.

I know I wasn’t the only speaker who was overwhelmed by the generosity of praise offered after my session. It was so intensely supportive. Next year, there are going to be so many more people who feel empowered to offer their skills and knowledge to the mix because of it. But I’d like to mention two slightly lateral interpretations of generosity, because they both involved teaching at its highest level. Both Kristina Lloyd and Ashley Lister were not simply generous with their knowledge, but communicated a fertile, creative energy that is, in a way, the gift that keeps on giving.

There are the obvious kindnesses to thank, the people that helped or contributed in any way on the day. There are also some behind the scenes kindnesses, the people that gave me the space and time to rant my stresses at them on Skype or Facebook – @indigorosemore, @mollysdailykiss @harpereliot I’m looking at you here.

Eroticon was full of the kindness and generosity of spirit of everyone that attended and shared, those that were patient and gracious when things went wrong or mistakes were made as well as the joyful fun of a shared experience.
Erotica writers, like every body else are more than the public perception of their job, so I’m not surprised that there was a conference full of kind and generous people, after all we are kind and generous with our words and that has to spring from somewhere.

The lovely Jacqui Brocker offered to bring me a glass of water in my state of dazed confusion just before it was time to do my workshop. She’ll never know how much I appreciate that. Also, though I don’t remember who all was involved,(At that moment I was lucky to be able to remember my own name) I remember Kay Jaybee, Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse surrounding me and helping me get upstairs to the right room for my workshop and getting me settled. Their smiles and silly comments helped calm me, and wow, did I need to be calmed. I felt loved and supported, and I really, really needed that.

I was still doubting that I’d be able to go to Eroticon because of all the money and I also had to fly in and such. Luckily Ruby had a facebook competition and with high hopes I entered it. @rebelsnotes and @rachelkincaid4 also entered the competition and if they would have won they would have given the ticket to me. That was because I really wanted to go but money was really tight. So yeah Ruby was kind in giving it away and Rebel and Rachel were really kind in trying to win if for me.

Eroticon was full of kindness for me – first of all I was welcomed into a wonderful group of gals who cemented the friendship I knew we already had (Thank you – all of you x x x more about these gorgeous people at my blog)

But as for a random act of quickie kindness, I was chatting to a seated lady – but I was standing and so too tall to speak comfortably. I crouched down and perched my bum on my good new shoes… Yes, the shoes were lovely and I could now chat at the correct height but the pose was lactic-acid-tastic on my calves. A lady on the other side of the room at the Yes lubrication stand noticed and brought a chair all the way over for me – how’s that for thoughtful? :)

when the lovely Tabitha Rayne broke a horrible moment of silence by asking the first question during the anthologies panel.

I did not go to Eroticon 2012 so was a little apprehensive. I met many people at the event – all of whom were welcoming, fun and confident. I got advice from everyone, and got given a crash course in Twitter by two very confident, assertive young ladies, in the best of spirits – although they did not warn me how addictive Twitter is! Everyone was generous with their time, knowledge and smiles to a complete novice.

I was sincerely touched by Hazel Cushion, Big boss big at Xcite seeking me out to say hello very soon after she’d first arrived. Hazel is a busy, important woman and she sought me out as one of her authors to see how I was doing,that spoke volumes to me.

I was also very thankful to the lovely Ashley Lister who smiled encouragingly in my direction all through the Anthologies Panel that I was part of with my partner in Smut, Lucy Felthouse, Rachel Krammer Bussell and Maxim Jakubowski. It was rather nerve wracking and it was very nice indeed to see such a bright smile being aimed my way!