Erotica Writers are…Beautiful & Sexy #eroticon 2013

I’m combining the last two topics into one post to conclude my series of blog posts about eroticon 2013. I hope you’ve enjoyed this different approach to recounting all the fun, I know I certainly have! I suppose we finish on the most expected and maybe the slightly frivolous topics of beauty and sexiness, I think you’ll enjoy these answers though, I know I did!

Erotica Writers are...Sexy and Beautiful. #eroticon 2013


Molly Moore taking a stoic flogging. I required a little alone time in the ladies room after witnessing that.


Hand’s down, no contest, Kristina Lloyd‘s high-heeled knee-high Doc Martins.

Remittance Girl

Sexy Dave the Bear was damn sexy, it has to be said. But Stefan the random and very hot guy from the audience was also incredibly sexy. He rose to the challenge (so to speak) of being manhandled, groped and openly perved on by a man dressed as a female ballerina, much to my entertainment. I’m sure he’s probably as dull as dishwater if you get to know him, but then fantasies are always better, aren’t they? ;)


I’m not much of a fashionista or a shoe worshipper (as most people have probably already realised!), but I think that Tabitha Rayne looked totally gorgeous all weekend. Her lovely dresses and shoes, and even as the day wore on she still looked beautiful. I should hate her really… but I just can’t! I was very happy to meet her in the flesh after exchanging so many emails, Tweets and various messages, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she adorns her enviable figure with at Smut by the Sea.

Sexy Plenty, but all involving other people! To pick three – the stockings on display from Rose were quite incredible, Dirty Little Whispers looked very pretty in her Sunday dress and I thought Rachel‘s smile lit up the room.

Beautiful Real beauty comes from within and is expressed through smiles; I saw plenty of those!

John D Stories

Sexy Of people who attended Eroticon 2013,Molly Moore certainly had sexy wrapped up and tied with a bright red bow. She looked especially sexy for the night of Aural Pleasure. But then Molly always looks sexy. However, for the pre-game show, Dave the Bear won the sexy award, hands down. Or should I say trousers down?

BeautifulAs for prettiest at eroticon 2012, I’d have to say it was a toss-up for me, though honestly, very difficult to pick with all the lovely quirky, sexy fun clothes and shoes. But bright magenta-pink Mia More was totally stunning. I couldn’t look at her and not think of some brash beautiful spring flower strutting in the sunshine. Add to that her lovely smile, and pink was definitely the new black!

However, the gorgeous smile of Tabitha Rayne was one of the best parts of the whole weekend for me. Tabitha was elegant and sexy with a bit of vintage panache in the way she dressed, but it was her smile that pulled the look together and would have done so if she’d come to Eroticon dressed in her track suit and trainers IF she even owns such a thing.

Sexy All those sexy brains in one place, thinking up sexy thoughts. Reading sexy stories. It was the Mensa of filth. And there were some awesome shoes too.

Beautiful Eroticon 2013 was a weekend of beautiful smiles. It was immensely gratifying to see people enjoying themselves as well as learning and being challenged.

Sexy I have to third the vote for Dave the Bear, Boylesque dancer extraordinaire. I also mention the lovely Mario Cacciottolo Photographer, united fan and possessor of a very sexy tattoo on his chest, which he flashed at me when I wasn’t expecting it. Quite perked up my day I can tell you!

Beautiful I’m going to sound sappy now, but every single person at eroticon was beautiful. Some have the visage, the great taste in clothes and the sparkling eyes to dazzle, others have great smiles, great minds, great personalities and some have the lot but each and every attendee was beautiful, is beautiful and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet them all.