Erotic Visitation


Continuing my theme of fevered anticipation, another writing based on my recent experience of wanting someone so much I physically ache. Goddamn it April, hurry your ass up!


Erotic Visitation

I am haunted

By the weight of your lips on mine.

The taste of you, the shape of you, the want of you.

Ghosts of those kisses

vibrate through my thoughts, words and deeds,

like a poltergeist ripping through me,

Shaking me to my core.

Uncontrolled lust rampaging,

making me wet.

Soaking, desperate, needy.

Ethereal threads of remembered embrace

entangle me tightly.

Wrapping me in a net of sensuality.

Where every movement is an electric pulse

to my cunt.

Through every vein

 a visceral jolt of anticipated ecstasy

leaving me breathlessly

wanting you.





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    • It’s interesting, I think I naturally have a poetic nature, my first writings were always poems. I suppose for writings that are so very personal and in a way, an offering of my excitement to the person who inspires it, I slip back into this natural poetry. Instead of writing a script for characters. This is pure emotion.

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