Erotic Tombola Items needed for a Smutty 2015!



(psst, readers this blog post is mostly aimed at my fellow authors and sexy companies today, but if you want to know where to meet Team Smut in 2015 look at the list of events at the bottom of the page)

Our resolution for 2015 is to make it good and smutty, so here I am bringing you a smutty opportunity that could get you or your company  advertised at all the Team Smut events year.

As you know we have the unique and world famous Erotica Tombola that we roll out at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fairs, Smut Events and others. We’re in need of new items to stock the tombola and this is where I hope you can step in!

What we need:
tombolaitemsAnything from lube to paddles, whips to vibrators and everything in between. Whatever you can spare we’ll pop in the tombola.  We are saying no to books this year though. Not because books aren’t awesome but because we want to encourage folks to buy books from our bookstall instead. If you’d really, really, really love to contribute something and all you’ve got is books then contact me and we’ll see what we can sort out. :)

What you get:

In return for sending us super awesome products we will give you:

Advertising and a blog post on the relevant Smut sites and, for the first time this year your blog post will also go up on too.

Your logo on our Tombola poster on the day of the event(s) you’ve sent us items for.

Your business card attached to each item you donate plus a note encouraging the winner to review said item.

The power of our social media! Tweets and facebook mentions when we receive items and in the build up to and after each event.

How to get involved:

First email me victoria @ uk (No spaces) and let me know you’re interested and ask any questions you might have. I’ll send you my address and when we receive your items we’ll let you know and tweet/facebook etc about it.

You can send items that we’ll split up and use at all our events or send for specific events, just let me know what you want to do!

Events with added Smut for 2015:

14th February : Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair

7th March : Smut Luton

23rd May: Smut by the Sea (Scarborough)

11th July Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair

10th October Smut Manchester

5th December Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair

We’re also hoping to have a presence at Sexhibition and Sexpo so watch this space for announcements.

Looking forward to having your smutty items for for tombola in 2015!