Smutober day 3 is an education and as much as I want to share freshly made stuff here this month, this prompt gives me the ideal opportunity to share a little story I wrote a while ago but has yet to see the light of day. It’s a bit of fanfic which, I have 100% permission to do btw, don’t panic!

Back in the day (and we’re talking 15+ years ago now) I spent a lot of time at writing stories and having fun on the forums. I met my best friend in all the world there. Today’s story is the follow up to one he wrote, Plagiarism.  You can read mine as a stand alone, it gives enough back story, but I would definitely recommend checking out the original to get the whole, sexy experience.

Oh, and if you do, you”ll notice a slight name change in the female character, that’s because I know someone of the original name Joe Wordsworth used and I couldn’t write a sexy story with that name it in. Just FYI.


Plagiarism Part 2

It had been a crazy bloody day. I’d been in my favourite class, day dreaming about Mr Gary and what I’d like him to do to me and then suddenly, my dream came true.

He thought I’d copied Suzie’s work, Pffft, I mean please. It was clearly the other way round, but he wasn’t having any of it and the way he was telling me off, well, it turned me on. I can’t tell you the number of time’s I’ve orgasmed thinking about Mr Gary calling me a naughty girl.

“You have to take licks, Elizabeth.”

When he said that, I nigh on creamed my pants. It was so exciting, but could I take the impact of the paddle? I could…just. It was horrifically painful, my butt burned and ached. If it wasn’t for the throbbing of my clit I’d have given up. It was too much for me too soon.  He read that, went in with his bare hand on my bare arse and the arousal became unbearable. And that is when I let my teacher fuck me and come all over my face.

Yeah, I can’t quite believe it myself, if it wasn’t for the soreness of my buttocks and the slip of paper with his home address on it tucked safely inside my bra I’d be convinced I’d dreamt it.

He scribbled down his address as I pulled my clothes back on and instructed me to be at his house at six pm. I was aiming to be right on time. I didn’t take too long pondering what to wear, I went for a short skirt and a low cut top to show off my assets. Knee high socks and tie up shoes added to the innocent school girl look. I didn’t put my hair up in pig tails, that would have been far too much.  I left my flat in plenty of time to reach Mr Gary’s place. It wasn’t far, within easy walking distance even. But I got distracted by a text conversation I was having with a friend and I managed to get completely and utterly lost.

I had to stop and ask for directions and when I stood on Mr Gary’s doorstep it was ten past six and I knew I was going to be in trouble. Inhaling deeply, I knocked on the door.

“You’re late.”

“I know, Sir, Sorry Sir.” I lowered my head. “I got lost.”

“Did I ask for an excuse?” I danced from foot to foot, embarrassed to be having this conversation on his door step.

“No, Sir.”

“No I did not, ELizabeth. You should know better.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“Oh, you will be.” He growled, piercing me with his gaze. My heart thumped and my nipples tightened as I contemplated what he might mean. We stood opposite each other for what seemed like the longest time. Were people looking at me? Eyeing up my short skirt and naked legs, judging what I was there for? Would Mr Gary leave me standing there forever?

“Come in,” He finally said, stepping back to allow me past into the warmth of his home. “Can I take your coat?”

I took it off with shaking fingers and handed it to him.

“Thank you. Please stay here in the corridor until I call you.”

I wasn’t sure what I’d expected but being left in a blank hall while Mr Gary disappeared hadn’t crossed my mind. After a few minutes the door he’d disappeared through clicked and I stood to attention but he walked through without looking at me into the room opposite.

I danced from foot to foot, anxiety building. Being spanked and so roughly fucked by Mr Gary had been such an experience but it was the only frame of reference I had. I didn’t know what would come next, didn’t know how much I could take. I’d got 1 more lick of a paddle, I’d agreed to that but what would he give me as a punishment for being late? I knew there would be something and I was truly apprehensive of what it might be.

The next time the door opened I jumped but Mr Gary didn’t walk through it. I just heard his, deep reverberating voice.

“Come in, Elizabeth.”

With a gulp followed by a deep breath I walked through the white painted door into the room beyond. It was an office space with a large desk and comfy chair behind it. The décor was dark with red wallpaper that reminded me of something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

I stood directly in front of the imposing desk and traced shapes in the luscious deep pile carpet with a toe.

“Right, well we were here to finish off your punishment for plagiarising your class mate’s paper but as you don’t have the common decency to arrive on time your relatively light punishment will have to be increased. If I were a truly cruel man I’d add another lick for every minute you were late but I’m not that cruel.”

A sigh of relief fell from between my lips.

“But you have to be punished and as being late for an appointment shows a childish disregard for the importance of the meeting I believe an over the knee spanking will be best. We will start with that and when I deem it fit I will give you the last lick with the paddle.”

He lifted the wooden instrument-he must have had it in his hand behind the desk-and laid it on the top with a clatter.

“Come here.” He barked. I walked around the edge of the table as Mr Gary pushed back his office chair to make room for me across his knee.

“Lie across me.”

I tried my best to seductively drape myself across him but the effect was more gangly and awkward but I ended up where he wanted me, head down, butt up across his lap.

“Now, if at any point this gets too much, please call out ‘Plagiarism’. Do not squirm or pull away. If you use your word I will stop immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” He patted my back in an almost soothing way then slapped down on my arse with great force. Even through my skirt it smarted and made me jump.

“Stay still!” He snapped, “any more of that and I’ll make you count every damn one of them.”

I stayed still as he rained down several quick, sharp blows. My butt stung, then smarted and as I got used to the impact it throbbed. That throb was painful but it seemed to seep through my body to my cunt and transformed on its journey to orgasmic rapture. I was whimpering but I wasn’t sure if I was in pain or pleasure, if I wanted him to stop or continue.

He paused, but only momentarily, lifting my skirt and tucking it under my waistband from the top. I’d put on plain, white knickers. Mr Gary stroked them and purred appreciatively. The bulge in his crotch that had been permanently pressing into my stomach bobbed. A blush of satisfaction suffused me, I knew I’d done something to please him.

He didn’t speak, just continued to spank. The sting came back with only the thin cotton to cover me. The heat was intense and I couldn’t help wiggling a little as his hand cracked down from one cheek to the other.

“Right, I told you not to wriggle. You’ve only made it harder for yourself. I was going to let you keep your knickers on but now, no. You’re just too naughty, Elizabeth.”

He ripped down my knickers and I almost came with the intensity of the force. His words caressed me and pressed my ecstasy button. I wanted to be his naughty girl so badly. I wanted him to punish me hard until I was good. Good just for Mr Gary.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped just as his hand clapped down on my left buttock.

“What did you say?” He taunted as he slapped the right. My arse was on fire with the impact.

“I’m sorry, Mr Gary.”

“Why are you sorry?” He asked, Slapping harder but with a longer gap between impacts.

“I’m sorry I copied work, I’m sorry I was late, I’m sorry I was a naughty girl.”

Again his cock jumped and his hand impacted my stinging flesh.

“You are a very naughty girl, Elizabeth, a very, very naughty girl.”

“I am, Sir, I’m sorry Sir,” I gasped, tears stung my eyes, my pussy flooded with juices. “I want to be a good girl for you.”

“I know,” his tone changed to something soothing, something prideful as he stroked my hot arse. I bet my butt cheeks were bright red.  “And one more, just one more lick and then you can have a reward for taking your punishment so well.”

He stretched over me, his jacket rubbing against my sensitive skin making me hiss with pain. The wood of the paddle clattered against the desk as he picked it up.

“Just one stroke,” He soothed. He must have felt me tighten up with fear. “Just one, then I’ll fuck you.”

The cold, really cold wood tapped my bum and the chill soothed and the weight thudded. It was worse when he lifted it because I knew it was going to hit me and I knew it was going to hurt so much worse than the spanking put together. He was merciful, reigning down the one hard blow quickly.
I yelped, the pain was so intense and ground my pubis against his leg, groaning with the explosion of ecstasy. I was awash with so much sensation. I was certain the merest brush of my clit would make me come. Mr Gary stroked my back as I lay there panting. Cheeks damp, pussy drenched and my buttocks throbbing with the deep heat.

“Okay, ELizabeth, you need to get up now.”

I sort of slithered to the floor, my legs weak and ended up kneeling beside his right knee, my skirt still caught up in itself, my knickers trapped around my knees. As I watched Mr Gary reached down and opened his trouser fly. He pushed back the material and revealed his hard on. I licked my lips.

“I want you to fuck me, Elizabeth. Look what you’ve done to me, you naughty girl. Get up here and ride my cock until I come.”

“Yes, Sir.” I stood up as quickly as I could manage and untwisted the knickers from around my legs. As I leaned over him he pushed his face up to mine, grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him. Our kiss deepened, his tongue slipping between my lips and dancing with mine. I split my thighs around him. The chair was wide and I could fit my knees either side of him.

This was my chance to prove to Mr Gary that I could be good. I sank down onto his dick and took him inside me. My eyes closed tightly as I ground myself onto him.

“Fuck, you’re soaked,” He exclaimed into my ear as I pushed down until he completely filled me. “Fuck, Elizabeth.”

For a moment I felt in control, pushing up and down on his cock, controlling his pleasure and mine but Mr Gary didn’t let me revel in that long. He grabbed my long, brunette locks and pulled my head back. The pain made me still and as he kissed and bit my neck the paralysis eased and I continued to fuck him. My whole body was on fire.

“Yes,” I moaned as my clit banged against his pubis and the rhythm of our fucking hit the perfect crescendo, “God, yes.”

“Don’t come until I tell you that you can.” He said. The power was all his again. The angle of impact he held me in meant that an orgasm was coming whether I wanted it to or not. I babbled and begged, hoping for his mercy.

“Can I come?” I asked.

“Pardon?” He growled and slapped his spare hand hard onto my arse which made holding on all the harder as my buttocks bloomed with pain again.

“Can I come, Sir? Can I come Mr Gary? I need to come, please, Sir.”

His breathing was ragged, his grip on my hair tightened and as I pleaded I opened my eyes wide, looking up into his gaze.

“Please?” I begged again, my voice breaking. I was going to come, I couldn’t hold it back a moment longer.

“Come for me.”

His words set off a torrent, an avalanche, a cataclysmic landslide of pleasure. I shook and shivered against him, overtaken with ecstasy. He dropped both of his hands to my buttocks and held me as he drove up his hips and fucked me once, twice and three times before screaming my name and holding me in place on his throbbing cock.

I slumped to his chest and he held me close, stroking my back soothingly as we both relaxed into post-orgasmic bliss.

“You know, when you asked to come that last time, you didn’t call me Sir.” He kissed the top of my head, “you know what that means don’t you?”

I nodded against his chest.

“More punishment for my favourite, naughty girl.”


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