Dynamic Tapestry #QuoteQuest


I can only have this with you.
Just you.
But I can have
it differently with someone else
You see,
there isn’t just one person for me.
There is a tapestry that I’m woven into
under and over and through.
The thread is the same but the pattern is different
with every spank
every kiss
every take of my breath.
Every orgasm denied or given
the tapestry grows.
I know your thread.
I can point out where we tied
and twined
Knotted and writhed.
It’s me and you and no one more
and no less beautiful
or important
or real
for being part of a bigger piece.
In fact you are an intrinsic thread
it wouldn’t be so beautiful without you.
I want all the colours of the rainbow
to dance together in harmonious
beauty .
So that the tapestry
will tell a story
of my life well lived.



“The thing is that you brought this out in me. How could I want it with anyone else” – JM Storm

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