Dr Sketchy’s, nails, fire and sparks at Combat Stress 3! @CombatStress


My mate Jay pulls me along to all kinds of events. I must admit I didn’t really know what I was getting into with this one, but it involved Dr Sketchy’s and in aid of a deserving charity (Combat Stress, the veteran’s mental health charity) so I knew it was going to be good.

The weather forecast wasn’t looking great but in true Brit style we had a largely dry and warm day contrary to the cold, wet forecast, hurrah! What little rain fell didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Family Blisse (with one extra, my sister, in tow) turned up and helped Jay and Bea set up for Dr Sketchy’s in a lovely gazebo.  All around there were big, beautiful motor bikes, stalls of crafts, bike stuff, Army odds and ends, fair stalls and games and there was even a tent filled with animals. I love the Armadillo and the sleepy Raccoon especially.  It was a proper family fun day, something for everyone to enjoy.

I met lots of familiar faces too. Batman stopped to take a photo with me.



And then a storm trooper took me hostage, I wasn’t too worried though as Batman was about and Indiana Jones and my own personal hero, Kev Blisse. Hence my perky smile!




The Dr Sketchy’s took on a different role than usual as all the day’s sketchers were children. They loved sketching Elsa (check her out on facebook!) and Poison Ivy as well as coming up with a character to wear the Steampunk Mad hatter’s hat (that our host with the most had left with us for a while) and one clever artist came up with a whole bat family for batman. Awww.




It was a fab afternoon of sketching, chatting and laughing. When we packed the Dr Sketchy stuff away, the night time entertainment began in style with the amazing Bea Noir and her Bed of Nails. I’ve seen this act a few times now and I still gasp at certain points every time!





And don’t get me started on the fire and sparks. Bea is fearless, strong, elegant and just all round amazing. The crowd loved her, all the kids were fascinated by how she did it. I saw many a little finger gently press against Bea’s bed of nails. The look of shock in their eyes when they realised they were real nails was priceless!



Family Blisse ended the evening sat outside Jay and Bea’s tent gabbing away. Bea did Boo Blisse’s makeup and we had a good laugh, a wonderfully relaxing way to finish the day. Next year we’ll be taking our own tent to camp out too, I think. That’ll be fun. We finally got home not long before midnight, tired but happy. It was a great way to raise money for an important charity. I recommend the day to anyone. It cost £2 each to get in, bargain! See you at Combat Stress 4!





Victoria Blisse

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