London,baby, yeah. I feel rather cosmopolitan today as yesterday I just popped down to London for a book launch, darling. Oh, how la di da! It was a fun day though which started for me with a trip over to see The Girlz at Sh! in Hoxton. I had to go and say hi, it wouldn ‘t be a trip to London without visiting the lovely pink shop of sexy delights. I knew I was in the right place, I heard giggling before I even walked through the door and when I did walk in I was offered a glass of water, ah, cool refreshment!

If you’re in the area, please pop in. You’ll love it. I spent a pleasant hour chatting and getting compliments on my lovely new dress (see below)

so that started my trip to London perfectly! After chilling with the girlz I nipped round the corner to The Breakfast Club. Another must visit if you’re in Hoxton. The service is brilliant and the food is delicious! My Moroccan chicken salad was HUGE and amazingly tasty.

When I’d munched my way through it and paid a visit to the loos (I mention that only to show you the awesome walllpaper in said facility)

I delved back into the London Underground and found covent garden tube station fairly easily. I didn’t even look at a tube map!

Now, once I emerged at Covent Garden it got a bit busy and winding and well, I got to Coco De Mer in the end, but I did go a very strange way round to get to it! I walked in and was greeted by smiley faces of ladies from Penguin (not penguin ladies, that would have been weird and a little frightening) and a glass of elderflower cordial. There was champagne but I needed to keep my wits about me, having a journey back that would see me getting home at around 2am.

Chatted, networked etc for a while then sat down ready for the main event to begin. Sophie’s editor gave a very lovely little speech and had us raise a glass for the sadly absent Author (or was she? I bet she was hiding in the crowd somewhere!) and then introduced Cheska Hull from Made in Chelsea who read beautifully two extracts from The Diary of a Submissive. I was very impressed (even though I didn’t know who she was before hand, sorry!) as the second reading was rather racy and she held her nerve well!

Photo courtesy of FMcM Associates

Had a little break, met Sophie’s editor (who was just like she told me he was, ha!) and met a lovely couple who were hiding from the spanking demo which was about to happen. Networked more, ate a tasty little cake (red velvet) then settled in for a spanking.

Not mine, I wasn’t dressed for it. *ahem* but ladies from Coco de Mer gave us a run down of some of their spanking stock and demonstrated the way to use it. Just let me say Ouch. Some of that stuff looked wonderfully wicked. We even got the opportunity to spank ourselves with rulers…kinky, eh?

So the spanking brought the evening to a close, I met the lovely Nymphomaniac Ness and she squealed at me, I found that rather endearing! We kept each other company on our way back to the tube station (which thanks to direction from Kate, one of the penguin ladies, we found fairly easily!) and then parted ways. I had a bit of a wait for my train, I bought kinky books, having already read The Diary of a Submissive, a copy of which was in my goody bag. I ate a few bites of the hotel chocolat buttons in there but didn’t fancy trying out the other item in public.

Well, just take a look at it! That’s a spanker and a half, eh?

So a long train journey home, a conversation with a mostly asleep hubby and bed for me about three am. A long but lovely day was had. Don’t try to get any sens out of me today, though. I am not good on little sleep!