I love Christmas decorations. I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 2 days decorating my living room. I’ve not taken photos yet, but here are some I took last year of some of my favourites. I bring them out every year!

Here’s my Tree

It looks pretty similar this year but with a few more lights as I decided to buy some new ones. I love my Christmas tree, it makes me feel all happy and child-like when I look at it. Several ornaments have special memories associated with them and I love how bringing them out reminds me of that time.

Here’s my Santa candle sticks. I love’em.

Also, on the far right you see my little Santa dolly. She’s so sweet, I bought her at a church fair several years ago. I can’t even remember when I got the twin Santa candle holders but they make me happy. I have a definite thing for jolly santa’s, we have loooooooads of’em. I can’t resist a Father Christmas, it’s all the magic surrounding him I think.

And how do you make a decoration even more awesome? You make it edible, woooo!

My husband put this gingerbread house together last year and my daughter made the figures in the garden. Pretty food makes me happy, especially at Christmas.

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  • I bought each child a new ornament every year so that when he/she was grown up and on their own they could have a box of ornaments to start out with. Of course now that my children are grown I am buying ornaments for myself. I like the glass ones with the flocking (the old fashioned looking ones) and birds. I love how the birds look nestled in the branches of the Christmas tree. This year I bought ‘mercury glass’ santa and a snowman and have my eye on some icicles or birds. Don’t want to be greedy!

  • I put up my decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving this year and I love turning out all but the Christmas lights and reading by their light :-)

  • I like our homemade or schoolmade decorations the best… you won’t be able to find those sold in stores anywhere:) It’s always fun when every Christmas we’ll look at the ornaments we made with our pics on them from school and see how much we’ve grown or not:)

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