NOTE: I No Longer Play with this individual

Curiosity. It’s what often marks me out as the Masochist I am. I was showing off my new lil’ bastard stick at Kage yesterday when Daddy Cuddly Bear (DCB) said he had something much thinner and definitely evil. I was instantly interested in experiencing it. The other sub-types around me were all nope, solid nope.

So I met DCB’s misery stick and thoroughly enjoyed it. It left wonderful marks, especially when DCB encouraged Kev to have a go…he eagerly left some particularly evil welts on my breast.

It’s funny, I’ve known DCB about as long as I’ve been on the scene, regularly chatted and always have a laugh together. But until the misery stick experience we’d never really played. Well, not long after we were chatting and in the course of conversation I mentioned how much I missed being whipped. It has been far too long. DCB showed me a beautiful dragontail he’d got and not long after, I’d agreed to play.

We did the pre-scene negotiation type stuff and got down to some serious impact play. Curiosity drives my love of playing with new people. There is an infinite world of differences between everyone’s styles of play. Some intersect, but each person has their own style. And I imagine that changes depending on who they are playing with.

So for a while I was busy digesting the different way DCB plays. He starts out lightly but ramped up the impact pretty quick. And hey, who knew an actual M&S slipper is a wonderfully evil impact toy. Thumpy, stingy and with a wonderful thwap sound too. Loved it.

I loved the dragontail. Wonderfully stingy and whippy, just the feeling I’ve been craving so much for so long. I love the intense sting of whips. I think I may have mentioned that a time or two before!

Now, I’m not a big fan of counting out hits. I get confused easily and also bratty. But as DCB asked me to count just six strikes, I reckoned it was doable. Unfortunately I didn’t take into account how fucking hard he’d hit me.  1 to 3 I managed to squeak out. And I swear I said ‘four ‘ before I screamed ‘Ouch’ but nope, there was a long exchange about the next number.

“Five, it was definitely five.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, five.”  I was stubbornly convinced of the fact.

“I don’t think it was and if you miscount we’ll have to start over.” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“Oh, okay it was four.”

And I swear the next 2 hits were even harder still.


I can’t remember the precise order of everything, I was just enjoying myself far too much. But I do remember very vividly the punching. It is something I’m growing to love more and more. I have never ever been punched like DCB punched me though. Hard and deep and precise.

And so hard, my teeth were rattling. I had to keep my mouth closed ‘cos my teeth clattered together a couple of times and it hurt! I didn’t want to be distracted from the wonderful pain in my butt and thighs where DCB was pummelling me so deliciously.

There was also a particularly evil implement. Curved, one side flat the other covered in tiny little bumps that stung like buggery on impact. Several hard hits with that had me close to climbing the walls.

I loved it as much as I hated it.

When we finished, I needed a bit of space because it was flippin’ hot on Sunday. But after a bit of space and a walk round to stretch I cuddled up with DCB and we talked over the scene a bit.  I mentioned how I liked that he went in hard. He has seen the level I play at, so he knew I could take it.

I was saying how much I enjoyed the punching and he was telling me how much he enjoyed it from his perspective, seeing the power put in running all the way through my body…it made me proud of my jiggly bits, to know he enjoyed seeing them wobble as he punched me.

Curiosity is a wonderful driving force. I have spent many years of my life denying it, for fear of rejection or doing something wrong or upsetting someone else. I am slowly learning that it’s good to follow curiosity, to try new things and see what happens. Nothing is ever as bad as I overthink it in my mind.

I feel silly that it’s taken so many years to come to that conclusion but at least I got there, right? I have years ahead to ask things, do things, meet new people and have exciting experiences.

I’m looking forward to seeing where curiosity takes me next!