I love Dr Sketchy’s. It’s easy to see, just check back over my posts to see just how excited I get about this amazing life drawing experience. It’s not a class, it’s not that boring. It’s an evening of brilliant (and sexy) entertainment with opportunity to draw the stunning acts. The drawing is fun. I’m pretty crap at it but it doesn’t matter. For the time I’m focused in on my artwork my mind is completely occupied and it’s very, very relaxing. I think Dr Sketchy is incredibly good for your mental health!

Last month’s theme was Creatures of the Dark and I’m glad to say there wasn’t a zombie in sight. Not that I have an aversion to them, it was just good to see the theme taken more creatively. Because I would never have expected a possessed mime to be the first act!



And yes folks, that is broken glass that Rock Hart is standing on. The act was hypnotic but I pulled some very weird ouchie faces while watching him I can tell you! And I’m sure the poor guy will pull an ouchie face when he sees my picture. However, please note I have used colours this time. So at least my sketches are colourful and crap now!


Our next delight was the amazing Lady Wildflower as Jinny Greenteeth. Wow and again I say wow. This woman knows how to move, her burlesque dance was sensational!




And when we were asked to draw the stunning beauty for one of sketchy’s well known contests, I drew Jinny in her swamp with, yes, you guessed it, Oscar the Grouch. I mean, it’s a natural choice, right?


The last act for the night was the Spectacular Bea Noir as a fire daemon and blimey, her costume was amazing. Her shoes were actual hooves! And then the things that woman did with fire will blow your mind. It’s completely amazing.




So, we were asked to draw the Fire Daemon with what she’d come to earth to get and I went with, again, the obvious.





Salad. Cucumber and tomato, lovely and cooling and refreshing. I’m sure even a fire daemon needs to cool down sometimes!


It was, as always, a fun night. With Jay as the host with the most, some awesomesauce stalls (we might have a Smut UK one next time!)  and a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere. You gotta get yourself down to the next one. Come show me your sketches!