On the 11th October 2016 my first co-authored novel will be available to buy from Evernight! I’m very excited and thrilled that my my partner in crime on this novel is my bestest Northern bird Mate, Lucy Felthouse.  We had a fun time writing the book, laughed a lot too. I hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Here’s the amazing cover for it:


And the blurb:


Flynn Gifford is enjoying a simple existence in a rural Derbyshire village when Caroline Rogers crashes into his life, barefoot and panicked.

Their lives could hardly be more different—she owns a successful luxury hotel chain, and he’s a penniless nomad who’s off the grid—yet neither can deny the attraction which burns between them.

As Caroline reluctantly starts to open up to him, Flynn finds himself divulging some secrets of his own, secrets he thought he’d take to his grave.

But can a billionaire and a wild man ever make a relationship work?



I can’t wait until it’s released into the world on the day after my birthday -nice way to celebrate, eh?