I talk about counting blessings a lot. When I feel low, when I’m disappointed I think about the good things I have in life and I get to feel better. So today I’m going to count my blessings and encourage you too as well!

My Blessings

My Husband
He’s supportive, he’s sexy, he’s my tech dude. He’s my all. I’d be lost without him.


My Child
They are just all round awesome. Funny, sweet and my sunshine.
Though they won’t let me sing that song at them any more.


Family and Friends
Two words that cover loads of awesome people. The folks who are there when I need them, the ones I can laugh with, cry on, the people who I can depend on. I’ve used a pic of my Nanna to illustrate this one, she might not be here any more but she epitomizes everything I mention here.


My Faith
As you know I’ve had some church troubles lately but through it all the centre of my faith has stayed solid and true. I’ve got Jesus, biggest blessing like, evah!


Not just the physical act of writing but everything that comes with it. My smutty author friends online and off, the chances I get to go to readings and events and all kinds of things that are writerly and smutty and bloody brilliant. I love writing erotic romance.

And I could go on forever, I am very blessed indeed but I need to wind this blog post up and give you a chance to tell me some of your blessings. Tell me who and what you count in your blessings column and you could be blessed with a Blisse book from my back catalogue. That’d be a blessing, right?