Contest-Today is the day!

Today’s excerpt is from Till the End, appropriately. And after it I will list 4 questions for you to answer. If you answer correctly you could win a copy of The Victoria Blisse Collection or the Getting Together Trilogy.

Till The End

“Hello, Susan.” I looked up and there he was, dressed in a pair of black scratchy work trousers with plain black shoes and, instead of a work shirt and tie, he was wearing a T-shirt.

“Carol sent me to you. The shirt I was issued is too small for me, could I have a new one?”

He smiled that smile and I dropped the application form in my hand onto the desk.

“Certainly” I grinned, stood up and walked over to the wall of locked cupboards, fiddling with my keys and nervously opening the one filled with uniforms.

“Is this your first day then?” I asked, making small talk as I rummaged through the drawers trying to find the male shirts.

“Yeah, it is. I’m a bit nervous, actually.” He admitted to me. I looked over at him and he was nibbling his bottom lip, I longed to nibble it for him.

“Oh, you’ll be fine. Once you’ve got the hang of the tills you’ll have no problems.” I grinned.

“Here you go, come and rummage through these, you’re sure to find one that fits eventually.” I giggled and moved back to my desk and back to the application forms. I didn’t read another word as I surreptitiously watched his arse as he bent over to rummage for a shirt, eventually he pulled one out.

“Is it okay to try it on here to make sure it fits?” He asked.

“S…s…sure.” I stuttered my consent as my face flushed red. I watched open mouthed as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, his lightly tanned skin revealed to my sight. His tight little puckered nipples dark and begging to be sucked taunted me and I felt like I was holding back the sex starved me from running at him then and there and sucking like a demon on one of those nipples.

“Are you okay?” James’s voice broke into my daydream.

“Oh, yes. Sorry I was miles away then, working something out in my head, math was never a strong subject of mine.” I giggled hysterically as I tried to cover my embarrassment.

“Oh, right, I thought you were a cannibal about to pounce and eat me for lunch from the look on your face.” He laughed, deep and throaty, but I could see he was also flushing across his cheeks and his chest.

I smiled back and watched him fasten up the shirt.

“That looks right to me.” I said to him and he nodded.

“I better get back down to the tills then.” He sounded almost upset to be leaving but maybe I was fantasizing that bit.

“Have a good day.” I smiled and instinctively stood up to go and hold the door open.

“You’ll be fine,” I reassured him, gently laying my hand on his shoulder and squeezing.

“Thanks, Susan,” he replied, his cheeks still flushed. “See ya.”

The common sense me really told myself off for that episode. Staring at his naked chest and then touching him as he left were definitely big no-nos and I knew it. The newly resurrected sexual me didn’t give a damn, she just wanted a good fuck. I hadn’t felt so sexual for many years, probably since university. I met many young men then, but one stole my heart and then stole my credit card and valuables. Since then, I had thrown myself into my work, not wanting to risk losing everything, not again.

I think I felt liberated from that because he was so young and nothing was going to happen between us. He was totally unobtainable and therefore perfect crush fodder. I fantasized about him often, I didn’t see him around much but whenever I walked past the tills and he was on, he would give me one of those winning smiles. I was right about him; he always had a long queue for his till. Women loved him.

I wonder how many of them imagined lying down upon the conveyor belt naked. I often did. I imagined him scanning my whole body from top to toe with his fingers, then picking me up and carrying me away to the back of his little student car to fuck the living daylights out of me. I had a healthy imagination and an insatiable itch in my pussy that ended up with me masturbating daily and often more than once in a day.

Okay, now here are your questions!

1. In Reluctant muse what has Carrie got more issues than?

a, An EMO student.

b, The readers Digest.

c, An episode of Dr.Phil

d, The Evening News.

2. Kelly thought Rob was younger than herself, in Scentsual, but by how many years?

a, ten

b, twenty

c, two

d, five

3. In Masquerading Hearts who did Laura Seduce in the club to get Jack Jealous?

a, A fireman b, The bar tender c, three hot women d, two students

4. What did James change into in Susan’s office? (Till the End)

a, Batman

b, leopardskin thong

c, A shirt

d, a dry jumper.

Write down your answers and email them to me at victoria @victoriablisse (no spaces) with your name and prize preference (The Victoria Blisse Collection or Getting Together series) before the 20th June and if you’ve got them all correct you’ll be entered into the draw. It’s as simple as that!