Contest Day 3.

Hello again, today’s story is Masquerading Hearts. A tale of love, lust and revenge. Remember that tomorrow I’ll be asking questions on all my excerpts from this week and you can win a copy of The Victoria Blisse Collection or the Getting Together series, it’s your choice.

So here’s today’s extract:

Masquerading Hearts


I’ve had my eye on a couple of lads, students I think, for the last ten minutes or so. They’re on the dance floor and they’re migrating between groups of girls, gyrating with them and attempting to garner kisses. They’re fairly good looking guys but a little aggressive for the young girls they’re targeting, and so their obvious gropes are getting them pushed away. I’m thinking about trying them out. I’ve always fancied a threesome. However, they’ve not even looked at anything older than university-aged, and I’m a good ten years older than that. I’d really rather avoid rejection, I think I may have to look out for a new target.

As I’m scanning the crowd for other promising and less challenging men, my eyes light on a very familiar figure and me heart squeezes and throbs painfully in my chest. It’s Jack with the lads. They’re all bouncing around and yelling, so they must have already had a skin full. No girls tagging along, so maybe it’s a lads’ night out. I down what is left of my vodka-soaked lemonade and stride to the dance floor. I’m going to show that man just what he’s missing.

I move with the beat, long strides that sensually stretch my legs, showing their maximum length under my short skirt. I fix my eyes on the two young guys and push my way through the gyrating crowd to reach them. I slip between their hard bodies making sure to push my bottom back and press into the crotch of one and display my breasts to the other.

I needn’t have worried about being rejected; their hands are already all over my body. The guy behind is grinding slowly into my ass, his hands on either hip, pulling me closer into the growing bulge at his crotch. The one in front of me has hands on my sides, just cupping my breasts, and his body is pressed in close to me. I’m literally sandwiched between two hard, young bodies. I feel Jacks eyes upon me and look up. It’s crazy that we still have a connection; that I can feel his eyes resting on me, making my pulse race.

I meet his gaze and smile. You know that smile a cat flashes you when it’s just eaten your dinner and is now reclining in your chair? Well, my smile is just like that. Take that, cheater. Seeing his look of recognition, the confusion, and finally the dark flicker of pain in his bright, joyful eyes brings a deep sense of satisfaction for a moment, but then the emptiness fills the pit of my stomach again and I feel the need to inflict more pain, much more pain than he caused me.

I turn back to look into the eyes of the lad groping my breasts, and he smiles at me. I lean in as if to whisper in his ear but instead I press my lips to his cheek. Slowly he moves his head so my lips slip around to press against his. His breath is harsh with rough spirit and sweetened with a hint of cola. His kiss is practiced, confident, and proud and matches mine for intensity. I flick an eye open and Jack is still there, but he’s not watching. He’s grabbed a young girl and is engaged in sucking all the life from her body via her mouth.

Pulling away from the kiss with an audible slurp, I turn around and plant my lips upon the lips of the guy who’s been grinding into my arse for the last few minutes. I feel the hard bump of the other guy’s cock pressing into the soft flesh of my ample bottom, and I wrap my hands around my new prey, pulling him in close, and encouraging him to run his hands up and down my sides, brushing over my breasts. I feel hands cupping my buttocks and, as my skirt is so short and my underwear so brief, I can feel the big, soft hands on the bare flesh there. I moan, but the moan is absorbed by the impassioned kiss I’m engaged in. I know that if Jack is watching right now, he’ll be able to see the hands on my arse and it makes me smile wickedly. I’ll give him something else to look at, too. I want him to be in turmoil, complete and utter heartbreaking turmoil, just as I have been over the last few months.

I slip my hands down from the fit lad’s back to his bottom. I pull him in closer and squeeze. He groans. I feel it through the kiss, and I grind myself against his crotch. The hand behind cracks down on my buttock and thrusts me harder against the crotch of the guy I’m snogging. I hear a whisper in my ear.

“Want to take this somewhere more private?” I feel the breath caressing my ear as the hand squeezes my bum.

“Yes,” I reply, “after one more song.” I flip round to face the speaker. “I like my foreplay in public, you see. It gets me hot. Feel.”

I brazenly grasp his hand and press it down over my stomach and under the waistband of my skirt, into wet, sticky material wedged between my thighs.

“Very hot.” He gasps, rubbing his fingers up and down my slit, as I reach behind me and grab the hard crotch that is there.

“I do get both you guys once the song is finished, right?” I look over my shoulder and back again as the two friends eye each other over my shoulder.

“Of course,” the one behind me says, probably relieved he’s going to be involved in the action.

“Sure.” The guy with his fingers in my slit shrugs, happy to be getting laid, and drunk enough to not be worried about sharing a woman with another man.

“Wonderful,” I purr, turning so I have one guy facing each shoulder and simultaneously reaching out and laying a hand on each chest. They rub against me as the conversation ceases, each pressing their hard cocks into my flesh whist I watch Jack rubbing up against this blonde, who seems to be less than pleased by his wandering hands. Take that, bastard. I’m the winner tonight.

Masquerading Hearts
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