I am usually pretty articulate, also I usually think things through thoroughly before I speak.
But at Kage I had a slip in both of these things.

I said something very stupid to Cute as Sin just before they were going to beat me.

“Unwise people are attracted to you.” Were the words I said.

And no, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I was not at all saying only stupid people find them attractive. What I did mean (only took me 20 mins or so to come up with this) was that their attractiveness just strikes people stupid in their presence.

Sometimes, I’d really like the floor to open up and swallow me up whole. That was definitely one of them. I’m blaming the steroids, as I’ve not slept properly in 3 weeks. It’s a legit excuse, right?

As Cute as Sin led me off to find somewhere to play, my friends were all very encouraging.

“It was nice knowing you!”

“We’ll remember you!”

Wonderful friends I have.

In the round room, Cute as Sin opened up their kit bag. It’s a purple suitcase covered in unicorns. It’s the cutest home for evil I’ve seen. I got myself settled on my tummy as they got their evil things in a row.

I agreed to impact play as they had a lot of wicked energy that needed to be worked off. My butt loves to be useful.

And it was. It was very useful and entertaining. It jiggled. There’s a few implements Cute as Sin owns that make my arse jiggle delightfully. It made us both giggle quite a lot.

I made other noises too. Whines and yelps and squeaks. Especially when a particular sticky/cane like implement was used.

Turned out to be a bit of plastic coathanger. No, really. And I can’t thoroughly express the pain it caused. It was on the disgruntled side of things, as it definitely brought my disgruntled huffs to the fore. But I kinda liked to not like it. Weird thing.

So, this led to a discussion of certain things dictating exactly their use. Like, the lil’ coathanger bit hits very sharply and intently and Cute as Sin’s lil bat is equal in its intent but deeper, thuddier and more encompassing in it’s effect.

What broke me is when they decided to use both at once.

I couldn’t compute. Hard, deep thump and sting, all the sting, right next to each other then seemingly flicking and swapping around and I was confused.

I vocalised my confusion in words and strange noises and it made Cute as Sin giggle quite delightfully. They later let me know that they kept swapping the sides they were hitting me with the 2 evil implements, which definitely added a lot to my confusion.

My butt was very confused and the rest of me followed suit.

And they hit me with Slappy the Whale. Oooh, I hate that whale. Slappy is mean and although I didn’t cry this time I did yell quite loudly about my dislike of that particular paddle.

I love how we laugh and chat and giggle and generally just lark about when I’m having scene fun with Cute as Sin. I always feel lighthearted and happy when we finish.

Even when they’re very mean. And check on the development of bruises by hitting a certain few spots on my thighs repeatedly with nasty, evil things.

We think there was a bruise or two in the end.

I ended up blissefully bruised and butt confused! Not a bad thing at all.