Or Nook or Kobo or iPad or whatever eBook reading device you prefer. Christmas is coming and I know for a fact that Father Christmas has a paperwhite loaded on his sleigh just for me. And it will need filling. Oh, the joy, oh the book shopping opportunity I have before me.

Now some of you may be in the same position, or you’re just planning to treat yourself to some reading and alone time in the aftermath of the holidays. Well here are a few books I’ve read recently that I reckon you might like to give a go.

Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse.

mean girls

I love books with a curvy girl lead and this one does the trick. It’s sweet, romantic and hot. A sweet short read that you’ll be able to gobble up greedily in one sitting.

Bedded Bliss by Kristina Wright

Bedded Bliss

Apart from the obvious typo in the title (it’s clearly meant to be Blisse!) this book is perfect. It’s collection of stories is complimented with insightful commentaryt and ideas to spice up your sex life. I love that all these stories contain long established couples. It shows many different flavours of lust for couples beyond the first blush off love and in for the serious long haul. Massively sexy.

Christmas Kink by Kay Jaybee

Christmas Kink

Now talk about different flavours and tastes, this Christmas collection from the queen of kink, Kay Jaybee is a delight. I’m particularly fond of the Cake Mix. It’s a story, not a dirty culinary confession. It’s a story just right up my alley. If you fancy something Kinky and Christmassy this is the pick for you.

The Big Book of Orgasms


Now, this is a bit cheeky of me as I’ve got a story in this collection but there are 68 stories not by me and I’m revciewing them. They’re great. Teeny-tiny bite sized stories with as many different orgasms as you can think of. There’s a bit of something for everyone in here. A true delight that surprises and tantalises on each page.

What would you recommend people load on their eReader this festive season? Leave a comment filled with your commendations below and I’ll send a random Blisse eBook to you as a thank you!