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One Night in Manchester is available right now from amazon  for 99p  as part of the Tirgearr 5th Birthday  celebrations!  There’s a whole birthday bash going on with lots of amazing prizes to be won! Check out all the details here.  Now on with the Snog!

After a flirty online relationship, Grant meets Jessica in Manchester.

He works in TV and he shows Jessica around the set where he’s filming. Their relationship quickly escalates and they have sex…on one of the sets! As things develop, so does their love play. In public places! And a little spanking never really hurt anyone.

Will Jessica be able to say goodbye to Grant when his work is done?


There are a couple of snogs in today’s excerpt, one of them happens in celebration so I thought it was apt!

For a while we’re both totally taken up by the excitement of being inside Old Trafford watching Manchester United. We gabble on like excited teenagers, taking selfies and pointing out the players we love on the pitch. When the whistle blows and the game starts we’re completely absorbed, watching every kick, gasping and moaning and cheering in unison with seventy-five thousand other fans.

We are close enough to the pitch to be able to smell the grass, but far enough back to have to dance to see over other fans’ heads. We’re meant to be seated, but spend most of our time on our feet, only sitting when directed to by the yellow-coated stewards.

“This is amazing,” I whisper into his ear, “Thank you.”

“Isn’t it?” He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me in to a side-on hug. We stand like that for a while, then his hand slides lower to my waist, and lower still to rest casually over my bottom. My breath hitches. There are thousands of people around us and someone could see. But of course, no one is looking at other people in the crowd, they’re straining to see what’s happening on the pitch.

I relax and slip my arm around his waist to rest my palm on his bottom, which is tight and firm. Squeezing it makes me imagine him fucking me, his arse bobbing in time. Suddenly I can’t concentrate on the game anymore.

The crowd erupts. Our team has scored and those surrounding us jump up and down, punch the air and yell enthusiastically.

Grant turns to me, embraces me tightly and kisses me with such joyful abandon it takes my breath away. When the noise dies away we pull apart, panting.

“Now that’s the best way to celebrate a goal,” Grant purrs.

“Mmm, I could think of something better, but it’s a bit too public for those kind of shenanigans here.” I giggle at my own cheekiness.

“Oh, really?” His eyebrows raise and he smirks evilly. “I like the way your mind works.”

For a while we’re dragged back into the game, but as is often the way the action is subdued as both teams’ eagerness to score again cancels each other out.

“Come with me to get a drink?” Grant asks and I nod. The sun is strong and seems to be funnelled in by the stands.

We walk back up the stairs and out into the cool air of the enclosed inner ring. Instead of heading towards the closest concessionary stand, though, he pulls me in the opposite direction.

“What—” I squeak.

He whips me around the side of a large concrete pillar, pinning me to it and ravishing my mouth with a kiss. At first I’m stiff but I relax into him, the arousal shooting through me, turning my insides to molten caramel.

“I want to celebrate that goal properly with you.”

“We can’t fuck here, people could walk past. And I bet there’s CCTV.”

Grant looks furtively around and drags me towards the toilets. Pushing the door to the Ladies’, he peers left and right and pulls me in. “In here,” he says confidently.


He tugs me forward and into a cubicle.


He locks the door behind us, then pushes me up against it, continuing where he left off earlier. I’m petrified, listening intently for the door opening, convinced some big burly security guard is going to drag us out of here kicking and screaming, but there’s no noise at all past our ragged breathing.

My heart feels like it’s going to explode out of my chest as Grant slides his hand under my dress and into my knickers, his lips never leaving mine. I’m trapped between fear and ecstasy and it’s at once a delight and completely terrifying.

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