He’s asleep on the sofa, I’m horny. So what am I going to do?  Take matters into my own hands of course.

Reclining on the bed, leggings and knickers around my knees, I plug my earphones into my phone and look up some favourite porn clips. Dirty, hardcore and extreme – the only visual porn I enjoy.  I just put one bud in my ear-I don’t want to be caught out- and start to  watch.

I’m soon absorbed in the action, fingers wet from my juices, circling and rubbing my clit, reaching out for orgasm as I watch a woman tied and denied her own.

“Enjoying yourself are you?”

I drop the phone, fuck. I’ve been caught.

“Well, you were asleep!” I squeak.

He just laughed and jumped on the bed next to me. “Whatcha watching?”

He snuggles into me and I juggle the phone so we can both see.

It worked to my advantage, being caught, as he slipped his fingers down my pubis and into my wet slit.

“I love it when they’re on display,” I gasp, wanting to explain.

“Would you like to be the centre of attention? Guys groping and touching you like that?”

“Yes,” the word escapes in a long sigh of desire and want.

“Slut.” He growls into my ear, his fingers fucking inside of me.

“I am.” I agree enthusiastically. He knows that word gets me going.

I watch the screen, spanks and hair pulling, cocks in her mouth and her cunt.

His fingers thrust and dance, trace up and rub at my clit until I’m panting, mewling and writhing close to my orgasm.

She’s begging for release and I lose control. Coming hard, curling against my man, arm wrapped around his shoulder, nails digging into his back.

My phone drops between us and is forgotten as we entwine and kiss.

Sometimes it’s good to get caught.

© Victoria Blisse