Burning the midnight oil…

Well, the 2am oil in fact.

I am not an up all night kinda gal.I need a lovely 7-8 hours undisturbed kip to keep my ticking over, I can survive on anything over 4 but that’s it -I survive. I’m so glad that when Boo was a baby she was a great sleeper (she still is) and woul only wake up once in a night, have a bottle then go straight back to sleep.

So, why was I up at 2am? A good question and one I shall answer. It’s a fairly regular occurance for me, in fact it happens almost monthly. I stay up to join in the Realms of Love chat.

It’s a lovely chat, vibrant and fun and filled with lovely people and it is well worth me staying up till such a God-forsaken time.

I love chatting, my first experiences on the net were on an old fashioned chat site Columbus Chat, (known fondly as Dougs) I otfen get all nostalgic for those days and although the fast paced, self refreshing java chat isn’t the same it is similar and I especially love the friendliness of this particular site. Go check it out.