So many things to unlearn.

The words

That burn


That leave a smouldering trail of destruction across my heart.



Nice but not…

hot/interesting/ worth the time.

Like I committed some crime

 by just being me.

Punished with words

I can’t ever forget

but yet

I can add my own descriptions

reclaim my heart

With grafittied art

to change the insults to mantra.

Fat is Fun.

Cuddly, comfy, snuggly, voluptuously all that.

Lazy and laid back.

Slow to anger, listening before doing, time for fun and laughter.

Nice but not.

Because I am hot.

I am interesting

and worth the time.

If you disagree? Your loss.

Not mine.

I am divine, darling and I will unlearn

the unkind

and learn

to burn bright

Shinning my light

So that others can do so too.