Bruise on Thigh #MasturbationMonday


My poetic inspiration today has come from a week of twisting myself into weird positions to view and photograph the lovely marks left on my thighs. AI is mean in so many ways ;)


I spy

Bruise on thigh.

In the mirror,

Or on a screen,

Pretty colours

Change and bleed.

I spy

Bending down.

Thrice a day,

Twisting round,

Thigh mark selfies,

All the way!

I spy


With lustful gaze,


All the joyful pain,

That made the colours blaze.


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  • The mark of a bite, the kiss of rope, a handprint, marks from belt/paddle/flogger/crop are all signs. Often my mark on her that she is mine.

    Interesting enough, for me, I’ve found, those marks are reminders to me how much she means to me and that I am as much hers as she is mine.

    Funny how owning is as much about being owned as possessing.

  • Oh yeah, I get Kev to take pics for me too. But I like the pretzel twisting to take a selfie sometimes too. I also take many, many, many photos of marks. Many many. Heh.

  • Bwahahahaha! I love this! All I do for my bruises is ask JB to take a picture with my phone so I can actually get a good look. It never occurred to me to compose poetry to my bruises. Love this! :)

  • Beautiful and I’m sure they were pleasurable as well! Im stopping by from Masturbation Monday!

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