Boxing Day!

It’s a Brit thing but boxing day is awesome. Christmas day rocks in many ways, the presents the food and the hustle and bustle but boxing day is a day to relax. It’s a day to play with your Christmas toys, eat left over sandwiches and just chill out. It’s the day to recover from the craziness of the days and weeks that have proceeded it.

It’s also St. Stephen’s day, like in the Carol Good King Wenceslas. So now you know!

So who got a Kindle/nook/sony/ipad some kind of ebook reading device for Christmas? I DID! I got a lovely Kindle and she is beautiful. I’m going to spend a fun day downloading things. If you’ve got a lovely new reading device you can check out my books section to find something to read on it.

So relax today and chill out. Eat a left over sandwich and enjoy your day. It’s the British thing to do. ;)