Bound by Lust Review.

Some people have this misguided idea that erotica, especially BDSM erotica is all about lust and passion and anger but not about love. Bound by Lust sets out to dispell this myth and it does it brilliantly.


The first story, Reclaiming Spring by Sommer Marsden, is a perfect illustration of how being tied up can set you free. It is full of passion but overflows with love and the stories continue in that vein. Donna George Storey’s tale of sexual Spring Training is light-hearted and full of humour but is also as hot as hell. It might not have the immediately recognisable trappings of BDSM but the elements of domination and control are expressed beautifully.

I defy you not to melt at the very last line of Justine Elyot’s masterfully written ‘Under the Clock’ it is another example of hard kink expressed with a soft hue. It mentions and illustrates all kinds of debauchery but my lasting image is of love and romance.

There are all kinds of coupling within the pages here, Girl with girl, femdom and male dominance a little spattering of cross dressing and threesome sex too. I like the variety, you’re never quite sure what’s coming next (excuse my pun) but it’s always fun to find out.

Marcelle by Alana Noel Voth is going to shock you, I can pretty much guarantee it. You might find it too extreme, you might find yourself questioning what it’s doing in a collection of romantic stories. Keep with it, you’ll find out in the end. It just proves love is different to every person experiencing it. I traveled that road, reading on as a good reviewer should but pursing my lips and squinting a little then bam…I got it.

Shanna Germain has put together an arousing collection of love stories with a rough edge that, for me, makes the loving all the more tender. This is one of the best erotic anthologies I have read in a long time, each story is of high quality and overflowing with love. Sexy and sweeet with lots and lots of heat, the perfect sensual read.

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