I’m currently reading Matilda to my child. I loved Roald Dahl as a child and as this is the third time in about a year I’ve read Matilda to my Boo I can definitely say it’s one of their favourites.

My favourite Roald Dahl book was The BFG and I still love it now. His friendly loveliness hidden behind the scary exterior of a Giant! I’ve always loved how he mixes up his words, poor love. It tickles my daughter as much as I that the BFG’s favourite author is ‘Darles Chickens’.

I’ve always read a lot. When I was tiny I was partial to the Meg and Mog books. The witch who’s spells never quite went totally right with an owl and a stripey cat for company.

Also Hairy Maclary Spoke to me. I love poetry and I loved how the little dog was so clever and managed to keep the bone all to himself.

I loved My Naughty Little Sister too. I had a little sister so I certainly related to the stories. My favourite was “The Naughtiest Story of all” where she *whispers* bites Father Christmas’s hand!

And Paddington Bear. God love him. I loved how everything always turned out right for him, he drove some people up the wall and got into all kinds of trouble but it always worked out well in the end.

I got The Book of Three for a Birthday once and my mum got me the other books in the series until I had all the Chronicles of Prydain. I believe between them and CS Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia my love of fantasy was born.

I could keep on mentioning authors and books all day but now I’m interested in your favourite books from when you were little and do you still own a copy?