“Bonfire Night the stars are bright, three little angels dressed in white.”

I am sure there is more to that rhyme but I don’t remember ever hearing it. Yes folks today, the fifth of November is Bonfire night here in England. Today we celebrate the fact the Guy Fawkes failed and didn’t manage to blow up the houses of Parliment. If you want to know more of the history, check here.

So for Bonfire night here is an excerpt that goes off with a BANG! it’s from my upcoming release from Total-E-Bound called Moon Shy.

Please note: This gets quite violent towards the end – you’ve been warned!
She lay back on the bed. She was already naked, she preferred to lose her clothes as early on as possible, and it made proceedings easier and much less messy. Michael eagerly climbed between her thighs and began to thrust. She knew he wouldn’t last long.

She pulled his head down towards her, and as he fucked her, she whispered in his ear.

“Do you know what tonight is, Michael dear? Tonight there is a full moon, and it is rising right now, as you fuck me. In just a moment it will be at full strength. I love the full moon, Michael. It makes me so very horny. So fuck me hard, lover boy, and enjoy it, for it’s the last thing you will ever do.”

And as the fat, pampered executive continued to pump, Dessie howled. Her flesh rippled, her soft, smooth skin erupted hair in thick clumps, and her wicked smile grew bigger and bigger until her jaws were wide and her smile was the menacing snarl of a wolf. It all happened in a split second, and before the man encased inside of her could scream out in fear, Desdemona, the werewolf, ripped into his flesh and tore out his throat. She discarded the body and ran off into the night. The full moon was still young, and she had a mighty blood lust to feed.


I hope you enjoyed that little BANG! and that you have a fun and safe bonfire night.