Bollywood Launch Party!


Imagine lotus blossom, the smell of jasmine, conjure up the intense Mumbai heat and you’re almost there. Now we need some Sari swinging maidens, dancing and twirling to a sitar heavy song and we’ve almost got the introduction we need for my new release today.

The last piece of the puzzle has to be some eye candy, some Bollywood eye candy because today is the day that Total-E-Bound Launch it’s new Bollywood line and in their line up is my story Silver Screen Dream. Here is Hrithik Roshan and he helped inspire me to write my own Bollywood hunk.


He is rather inspirational isn’t he? When the lovely folks at Total-E-Bound asked me to write a story to launch their Bollywood book line I jumped at the chance. And then I wondered what the heck I was going to actually write. So I pondered, I thought, I consulted some friends of mine with insight into Indian culture and finally an idea jumped to mind.


A Djinn. No, no, no not a genie, he gets really annoyed if you call him that. He’s a Djinn and he’s called Johnny. That’s not his real name though, of course, it’s just something he lets his human master call him. Yes, he’s enslaved and has been for many, many, many years. His current owner is a Bollywood Star named Rahul and he has an arranged marriage he is desperately avoiding.

And this is where our heroine enters. Her name is Laura and she loves Bollywood films and it is a dream come true for her to be meeting Rahul Khan at the London premier of his latest film Benazir. She works at that cinema. Her life isn’t a very glamourous one. And now the scene is set. Everything is in place! Now you just need to settle back and enjoy your read!

Silver Screen Dream is available now as part of the Hollywood line at Total-E-Bound and this week will see a Bollywood treat for you every single day (bar Friends Friday) in celebration of it’s launch!


And now more good news! If you sign up for Total-E-Bound’s newsletter you can win 5 ebooks of your choice from the huge choice available at the TEB site. So you can plug in any gaps in your Blisse collection if you so desire. More information about the competition can be found here.