Blissemas Day 9 with Bronwyn Green and Welsh Cakes!


Blissemas day 9 brings the wonderful Bronwyn Green to Blissemas with a recipe for delicious welsh cakes. Not sure what they are? Well check out Bronwyn’s Blissemas post to find out. Also Bronwyn is giving away Witch Way ebooks as the spot prize today and it’s really easy to enter!

BLISSEMASbonus sml

Today’s Blissemas bonus was inspired by the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque fair on Saturday. There were many elves wandering around and I was one of them and this excerpt from Seductive Rendezvous jumped to mind.

Now is the time to try on my elf suit.

I am not awfully happy with having to wear it without a bra but the way the shoulders fall means my straps would be on show and it just doesn’t look right. I certainly wouldn’t go out to face the public with my ample breasts swinging free but hopefully Joe will appreciate the easy access. The short skirt is fabulous and floaty and shows off my long legs but hides my chunky thighs, which I definitely approve of. I pull on a pair of long, knee-high socks in red and white that work well with my outfit. I tend to wear the socks on cold winter days to keep my legs warm but they look kind of cool and Christmassy with the dark green and white of my elf suit.

I’m just adjusting the hat when there’s a heavy knock on the door.

‘Wow, he was quick!’ I gasp as I hurtle downstairs, bell jingling. As I rush towards my door I really hope that it will be Joe, and not Mum or a neighbour or a Jehovah’s

Witness or something. I am not really attired for meeting the general public. I gulp in air as I open the door and sigh with relief when I see it is my Joe standing there.

‘Well, hello,’ he says, looking me up and down, ‘now

I’m glad I rushed to get over here.’

‘Hey.’ I blush, very aware of the cold breeze making my nipples harden and the possibility that someone could walk past at any moment. ‘Come on in, come on in!’

‘Oh, I’m enjoying the view from here,’ he says with a wicked grin. ‘You look so sexy.’

‘It’s kinda cold with the door wide open.’ I shuffle my feet around and rub my hands up and down my arms in an overly dramatic fashion. ‘Come on in and take a closer look.’

‘Oh, OK.’ He walks through into my hall and I shut the door. ‘I just wanted to show you off a bit. I like to make you squirm.’ Without pausing to remove his coat he pulls me into his arms and kisses me. His coat is cold and damp with Mancunian drizzle and I shiver as its coldness shocks my exposed arms and cleavage.

‘Oh.’ He pops his hot lips from mine. ‘Sorry, darlin’, I was so excited I forgot about my coat.’ He quickly rips it off, and the suit jacket beneath. ‘You are one hell of a sexy elf.’

‘Why, thank you.’ I curtsy and notice his gaze is fixed firmly on my bouncing breasts. He steps forward again and pulls me into his embrace. This time it is warm and soft, like his kiss, but the heat level soon rises as his mouth jousts with passion against mine and our hands roam freely up and down each other’s backs. Joe’s hands roam from my back to my sides and he cups my heavy breasts as I moan into the kiss. He skims his hands lower to my hips and then slips them up inside my top until they touch my naked tits.

‘Oh,’ he groans, squeezing my warm flesh, ‘you are a naughty elf.’

Seductive Rendezvous is book 2 in the Rendezvous series. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Joe and Leanna are meant for each other. He dominates her in just the way she likes and spanks her in just the way she needs. It’s Christmas and to get in the mood Leanna dresses as a very naughty, sexy elf and gets herself a well deserved spanking for it.

But after the fun Joe announces he has to go away on business and Leanna gives him an ultimatum. Will he choose his job or the love of his life and her child?

It is a series that needs to be read in order to make sense or just treat yourself to Tempting Rendezvous which is all 3 stories rolled into one!