Blissemas Day 5 – Lucy Felthouse and Reindeer Shifters!


Blissemas day 5, time’s flying! Today my partner in crime Lucy Felthouse is in the Blissemas elf costume. She’s pondering about Santa’s reindeers being shifters, check it out.

reindeer shifter

I think if Santa’s reinders were shifter’s they’d be a bit more convincing than the bloke in the pic above…

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And now another Blissemas Bonus with Bite! Here’s a little excerpt from Stopping Point to keep the vampy theme. Josh’s mate vamp mates and girlfriend are helping decorate the tree as he’s recently been severely injured and even his vamp body is taking time to heal.


It was painful to hang each ornament on the boughs of the tree, but Josh persisted and insisted to Cara and the others that he was fine. He was enjoying himself for the first time in ages. The tree was a real one and that in itself was a novelty. He’d always had an artificial tree at home when he was a kid with loads of baubles and trinkets to hang, and ropes of thick, glittery tinsel to finish off the look. Then, of course, there were the twinkly fairly lights. “This is going to look like some kind of freaky seventies drug trip by the time we’ve finished,” Steve commented and Cara laughed.

“It’s supposed to,” Josh replied. “The tackier, the brighter, the twinklier, the better when it comes to Christmas trees.”

“If you say so,” Steve sighed.

Josh was sure if Steve had been left to his own devices, he’d have all matching baubles and tinsel and plain boring lights. Josh was glad he was the one in charge.

“Do you want to put the angel on the top?” Kyle asked and Josh nodded.

“Will you be okay reaching up?” Cara asked. She knew his arms were still very sore. “Oh, yeah, the tree isn’t that tall.”

Josh took the white dressed angel in his hands and looked at her shiny blonde hair and her smiling face. She looked a bit like Cara, but rosier, and Josh decided Cara was the more beautiful of the two. He reached up and held in a wince as his healing arms complained at the action.

Cara said nothing but put a hand on his elbow as Kyle did the same on the other side. They both gently pushed up and Josh managed to get the angel that inch or so higher to hook her on the top branch.

“There.” He smiled at Kyle and Cara. “Finished. Steve, mate, turn off the big light.” Steve nodded and reached out a hand. As he flicked off the main light, Kyle switched

on the Christmas tree lights, and the room was bathed with a warm inviting glow that twinkled off the sparkly tinsel and decorations.

“Perfect.” Josh grinned. “Now, I’m going to sit here and admire it.”

“I’d like to do the same, mate,” Steve said, “but I’ve got to get home. Michelle’ll kill me if I don’t get home soon. She’s cooking some special Christmas Eve meal or something.”

“All right, Steve. You coming over tomorrow, though?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to make it over in the evening, mate. Merry Christmas.” “Merry Christmas, Steve,” Josh replied.

“I’m going too, Josh,” Kyle added. “I stay at my aunt’s Christmas Eve to help with the preparations and to keep the grandkids happy. Sharon’s down from Scotland with ‘em.”

“All right, Kyle, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’ll pop in tomorrow. See you, mate. Merry Christmas.” “Bye, Kyle, Merry Christmas,” Josh said then laughed. “What’s so funny?” Cara asked.

“Oh, it’s just we all sound like something from a family-friendly Christmas movie, but we’re all blood sucking vamps. It struck me as funny.”

Cara chuckled. “It kinda is, really, but just because we’re vampires doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy indulging in childhood traditions, does it?”

Stopping Point is the second book in the Point Vamp Series but can be read on it’s own. Though being the author I’d recommend you download and read’em all. ;)

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